Happy New Year!

luvstocraftDecember 29, 2009

Wishing each of you health and happiness in the New Year.

Here's a little New Year project that I hope will make you smile! ;o)


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Luvs, thanks for the wish and I want to wish All Of You a Happy New Year too. I hope this year will bring everyone much Health, Wealth and Happiness. It's been fun in the past and my hope is more fun in the future.

Luvs, little New Years Baby is our start to some great projects ahead so lets get busy and paint.


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What a cute way to start out the New Year....Luvs you've done it again!

Happy New Year to All and I pray that the upcoming year will be better than the one just past!


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Thanks Punk and Belle, I just wanted to find something to get me started for the New Year and I'd had this little guy marked to do for many year's. He's from a 2002 issue of Crafts magazine! About time, I got him painted, huh? LOL


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LOL How Cute ") It did make me smile ") Wishing everyone here a very happy & safe new year.

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Hi Lilly, thanks for taking the time to comment on this little guy.

Do you paint also? Gosh, if you do, please come join us, we'd love more posters on here. And if you don't, that's okay too, please feel free to come look and comment anytime. That keeps us motivated to do more.;o)


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Hi Luvs, Thanks for the invite ") I have painted a little in the past, I posted the fall chairs a while back. I used to paint quite a bit, go to shows & paint in peoples homes on there walls,(mostly borders) but then I thought I needed a real job with insurance. LOL now I am back to working part time (well, semi part-time) & I have my table & paints set back up & am hoping to find some free time to do what I enjoy again, painting & gardening, OH & playing with the grandbabies. I have to confess I have been lurking on here for a while now & I have really enjoyed looking at all the work every one has done. All my local painting buddies have moved on to other things & 2 of them have passed over "( I am hoping to get some pics posted soon.
Lilly ")

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Oh, I remember your gorgeous chairs. You sound allot like the rest of us, my painting buddy passed away also and all the small shops around here that had classes where you could meet other painters closed--I was so thrilled when I found this forum a few years back.

If you've lurked for awhile, you know that we need more painters to keep things moving here. So much more fun when we are all sharing our projects.

Yes, please do post pics of your work--even if not recent ones. We love to see what others paint and it is often just the very thing to motivate us to get to painting again.

We also love to just touch bases with each other and hear what's going on in our lives, so please come on over to the conversations side and chat with us about all the non painting stuff.


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