Washer Hose Rupture (long)

shirleyinadirondacksOctober 3, 2011

hi guys

Back on July 27, 2011, The hose on the washer upstairs split. I went to bed about 3am and DGS, Eric got up about 4:30 to 5am. There was water spraying all over upstairs. He checked down here where we live and we had a major rainstorm going on.

We downsized to around a thousand sq ft, so Eric and Tracy could live upstairs. The water went everywhere down here except for the bathroom, our bedroom and my dressing room.

We had just had a new floor put in down here everywhere except for the rooms just mentioned. It is now the third of October, 2011 and the order for our new kitchen cabinets is going in today.

We received the check from the insurance company, about two weeks ago. We have a reverse mortgage on our home and they had to have the money from the insurance co to dole out as needed. A check for a third of that money came today.

I have talked to all sorts of official sounding people. I actually told one person that I was sick of being called a liar. "Oh, I'm not calling you a liar, we just yada, yada, yada."

My IBS has been awful. It has to have a connection to my nerves. My DH, Rollie has been having serious stomach aches. Nerves, anybody? He has to see a doc for that today, this is after all sorts of tests being done. I don't know whether to cheer or curse, cause I have missed all of his tests because of IBS.

To make a long story short, we finally are starting in soon. I plan on keeping a monologue going for my peace of mind, as well as moral support from you guys. Do you realize the floors are so bad I have had to wear shoes for over two months????


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Oh Shirley I feel for you. I totally understand your frustration. We had a water leak last year and went a few rounds with the insurance company.

I don't know that I have IBS, but something very similar and if I get upset or stressed, it acts up. I wish I had some advice for you. Take a deep breath and watch your diet is the best I can do.

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My hubby said the best hose for a washer is stainless steel. A bit costly but well worth it, no need to worry about hose splitting. Hope all works out well for you and hubby, keep your chin up.

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oh bother. that's such a pain. work done, now having to be redone!
I'm thinking the cost of a water leak alarm is sounding very much worth the cost! i've debated myself on that and think i just won... on dw and clothes washer.

hang in there and keep telling yourself 'it's just a floor'. no one is injured etc. you could have had a dirt floor and walking in mud now. ok, i've been watching too many westerns...

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Hi Shirley,
Wow, what a mess. Was it just the flooring and cabinets that needed to be replaced, or was the wall and ceiling drywall toast, too? Was there any joy at all in getting to choose new cabinets? Sometimes you have to really look hard and find the sunny side in order to survive.

Having to wear shoes all the time in your own home is miserable. Soon you will have real flooring again, ... soon.

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Hmmm, had not thought about a water alarm. Imagine that. Of course, I'm so hyper about hearing the sound of the water in the pipes (20 years as a boat captain, you get hyper about the sound of WATER), that the danger would exist only if I am not home.

Note: it could also be a leaky toilet that can ruin things.

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A water alarm sounds good, but every time our water heaters have leaked, we haven't been home. The two leaks we had that caused major damage were when the toilet backed up, and when our "handyman" put the plastic line to the icemaker in the attic above the insulation and it froze and burst.

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Hi Shirley,
I understand COMPLETELY!! I had a main water pipe in the attic break and it ran full force for 9 hrs while I was at work. It was horrible. I had water coming through walls, they were saturated, dripping off ceilings, cascading down the stairs, water fall out of the loft into the foyer, out of light sockets, etc etc I was so sick. Everything had to be torn out, walls, ceilings, floors (down to the studs)insulation, carpet. Only one space did not have damage, the garage! I went through heck w/the insurance company, who by the way canceled my policy after they fixed everything! It took 6 months to get everything done. I lived and slept on the couch the whole time and worked full time. I guess since they found where the pipe broke and sent someone out from the restoration company that night they could not call me a liar about what needed to be done. I also took A LOT of pic's that night. My neighbors came over to help salvage what we could. What got me was when I complained about sub-standard work and things that needed to be fixed but was not touched. However, I had the pic's and slammed them w/those and my witnesses, even from their own restoration contractor.
So I feel for you and your family. It is a horrible thing to go through and I did make myself a nervous wreck. You cannot seem to help it, you worry, it's your home. Hang in there and keep us informed.

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I do believe they make alarms that will shut off water to the appliance. check Amazon. I found them on there last spring.
or the thing to do if going away for a time is shut off main line. of course, not something to do for going to work or out for the day.

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My first M-in-L had her washer and dryer in the kitchen She turned off the wall spigots (like an outdoor faucet) every time she finished doing laundry. I thought she was a bit extreme, but apparently she was not!

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hi guys,

just an update. We are still in the same as the first of the month. Evidently our contractor, who by the way is a relative, doesn't plan on doing anything until the cabinets get here. We've emptied all the cabinets and it's fun running to the garage for a dish to cook with. I didn't plan properly when I packed.

I don't think there's any damage to the walls but the ceiling is gone but not cleaned out. Eric & Tracy's washer is loud and when it spins, it sounds like it's coming thru the floor.

I am still having to wear shoes, since the floor can't be put in until the cabinets are. OH WOE IS ME!!


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How awful. Does this contractor know how difficult it is for you right now? I think I'd light a fire under him to get some things done so the cabinets can go right in when they are done. I feel for you!

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Shirley, get some of those heavy ragg wool socks, they will help keep your feet warm AND dry. It is going to be cold before long, and nothing like COLD FLOORS to make you feel miserable.

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