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go_figure01July 17, 2012

I have been researching getting slipcovers made because our cat wants to scratch ! erggg. Have been covering furniture w/sheets and comforters, looks okay but would love to slipcover.

Does anyone know how come they are soo expensive? OR is it just me, champagne taste on a beer budget???

I have been quoted $400-$600 for labor on one couch, which needs about 18yds of fabric. Fabric is separate of course.

I could almost buy a new couch for that price...


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We got some really nice ones from Macy's online. They were simple but fit the couch really well and we got lots of compliments on them. They came in lots of colors too. I think we paid around $100.00. We got them to protect our couch from our kids! :) Served the purpose and didn't break the bank!

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You could certainly have it reupholstered probably for the same amount.

Maybe look into the Surefit slipcovers? They are not expensive and work pretty well. I recommend the ones with more lycra/spandex. There is a sale for buy one, get one 25% off.

Here is a link that might be useful: SureFit sale

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Custom-made slipcovers are very expensive (before fabric costs.) I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and paid more than that for a club chair and ottoman (before fabric costs). And, it was a good deal! The seamstress is an excellent crafts person and well below the cost of most people for the same service. She was also well below the cost of the company who made the chair and ottoman to replace the slipcovers (with lesser quality fabric).

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The labor to make the slipcovers is costly and well deserved from my point of view. I had slipcovers made for my two couches, the fabric was 850.00 and the labor was 1200.00. To me it was worth it since the couches are flexsteel and very comfortable and I love the style. Yes I could have bought new sofas but not with the linen I wanted and not flexsteel. In my lakehouse I have a stretch chenille which works well enough but you have to keep fixing the cover to smooth it out. I think I paid 100.00 for it.

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Both Ballard and Ikea have their slipcovers on sale. Measure your furniture well to fit. Even a little larger will work, plus you could find a seamstress to take in little needs for fit. These are tailored and really inexpensive, but twill in a number of colors/styles. Go to their sites and look, you might be surprised at the find. I have 4 different ones for change of mood and washing, they look good after 5 years and wash, wear well.

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I did just price out having a chair reupholstered. It's a new chair, only a few years old and little used, but the color doesn't go with my new house. Anyway, I priced it buying the exact same chair new, and having it reupholstered, both cost the same!!

I did buy 2 ballard design sofa's... just with white twill, and they are pretty nice!

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Thank you all for your comments.
I think I need to realign my expectations as to the cost.

I sure LOVE this website!1

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Speaking from experience, your cat can scratch the slipcovers, too, and could really tear up the stretchable ones in a heartbeat! I've had white custom covers on our love seat for years (on my second set) and realized that no fabric was impervious to our adorable fat feline. (We lost him a few months ago.)

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Hi gripper, thank you for your message. I know you are right - there is nothing that will really prevent our cat fr scratching the upholstery, even if I slipcover. So now I am rethinking the idea to save the $ for other endeavors.
I am so sorry for the loss of your cat, I hope you are doing okay.

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Whoops. Sorry. I meant to type "f" instead of "g" for fripper not gripper...still adjusting to typing on iPad...

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I recently ordered an inexpensive ($100 for chair, $40 for ottoman) slipcover from SureFit---- one of the stretchy kind--- and it was the ugliest thing I believe I have ever seen. The material was incredibly cheap looking and feeling, and made the chair look a hundred times worse than the old upholstery. I don't know what their canvas type line is like, but I would certainly never purchase anything from that company again. I was actually shocked at how awful it was!

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Kswl, I Thor the same thing - wasn't impressed w/surefit either. Thanks for your post.

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