New projects in the Gallery!

anjabeeDecember 16, 2012

If you haven't checked out the Gallery in a while, I've posted a few new things! Go check em out! =)

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Anj, you really got into doing some big yard art pieces! Did you cut them out with a jig saw? Would be fun to see in a yard as you drive by. Hope all is well and you are having fun. Miss the old days on here. Hugs

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Luvs! Yay, you are here! Hubby is cutting them out and sanding them for me and I putty & paint them. I've had quite a few special orders so I'm trying to get some Halloweeen ones done before it's too late. I was asked to do another boutique. I'll post if I get some done. I got a job and have been busy decorating parade floats for the past few months. Things have slowed down so I may have time now! I was approached to maybe start painting kids rooms on the side with 2 other people. Not sure if that will pan out. I miss you so much!! ha I miss our chats and our fun! ((hugs)) to you!

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