Easter Was a Blast!

hopeful830April 9, 2012

Just wanted to let you know Easter was very nice in my home but my SD created a HUGE fiasco for my mother in law and stepfatherinlaw. Huge drama ensued that took place on Easter Sunday involving her and my sister in law's son. Threats were made and now there is some major trouble brewing.

And all at the hands of SD.

My MIL has found out she has cancer and has to undergo a HUGE surgery in 2 weeks. Top that off to it being Easter..and well we all should have known SD could not keep quiet long.

My sister in law informed me last night how much my SD hates me which I have known for quite some time. She feels her father 'left her for a piece of a&s." Which is me...I guess. LOL!

How sick and ridiculous. SD is his child..not an ex that was left to fend for themselves after being jilted.

See how sick this idiot's mind works?

All I can say is that all that yesterday completely reiterated to me WHY I have ended all contact with her - ANY contact. I THANK GOD I did it and should have done it ages ago.

I only hope that my DH's family can recover from this one because wow...it's a doozy. Hard feelings are really running wild today. But...I'm safe to say I'm totally out of it.


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Ssshhhh, not your house, not your problem. Don't dwell on what the SD says/does at somebody else's house when you don't have to be subjected to it.

She can't blame her behavior on you yesterday, you were not present. Shame she has to put so much extra stress and BS on your MIL when MIL has enough issues going on herself, though.

Maybe SD has finally managed to let the true light shine on her (and displayed for all present to no longer be able to excuse and deny...there's a problem and the SD needs help)I've no idea what will happen between your SD and who she made the drama for, but I can tell you at my house if one of my children made such a drama scene their father would corner them alone and 'sh*t would hit with one heck of a reality check. Disrespect and drama scenes would not be tolerated in the presence of the elders. Not one ounce. No matter what little delusions were running around in the child's head.

So your a POA? Meh. Sounds like you can let it roll off and just consider the source of the accusation.

Also sounds like it may be time for Dad to suggest his daughter seek some professional evaluations and perhaps therapy to deal with her unresolved feelings. Of course, girl is an adult and she can refuse, but she would not be invited back until and/or unless she does.

Hope all goes well for your MIL.

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