Piece from musuem & my WIP

concretenprimrosesMarch 15, 2011

I thought you might like to see this shell mosaic dress which is at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Ma.

From accross the room you think it is an old lovely dress on display, then close up - oh my gosh!

And here is my wip. My friend and neighbor whom I took the mosaic class with last year proposed that we get together once/week and mosaic, tho sometimes we go on field trips looking for materials. She is ready to grout her gorgeous table top made out of polish pottery shards. I'll ask her if I can post a pic after she is done.

I'm kind of stuck on my little table. I'll let you just react to it before I explain myself:

My concept is that a bird has flown in from another mosaic, a glass one, to grab a bug out of the pique assiette table. I hope to grout the bird in grey and the pottery part in cream or yellow. But, it turns out i suck at cutting glass. The left side wing isn't glued down yet cuz I'm not happy with the glass shape. And I just can't find the right plates to finish the floral bug pottery part, tho I'm having fun looking.

Dh and I are going on a road trip across so. VT to see relatives in NY state, through lots of small towns Friday so we will stop at all the junk shops!


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CONCRETE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This leaves me a bit speechless - and that's unusual. First of all, thank you soooooo much for posting the "dress". That is the most spectacular piece I've seen in a very long time. How could anyone have such a creative mind as to think up something so spectacular?!!! What is the substrate? It looks very heavy. THEN - your inspiration for your WIP is mind-boggling. I'm thinking HOW could someone imagine such a wonderful concept. I can tell you must be very patient to look for juuuuuuuust the right pieces to put into this project. This is going to be one beautiful table - in meaning and work. WHAT an artist you are!!!

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Thanks Slow.

I also meant to ask if I should finish the bird first then grout him. If he's not surrounded by dishes my thought is I can more easily isolate him.

Re design: I'm always "messing up things" with my odd ideas. I'm sure many people wonder why I just can't make a pretty table (including me, lol). I set out to make a pique a. table, then I bought an audobon print of the sooty tern at a flea market when I was there looking for dishes to break. Next thing I knew he was swooping into my mosaic table! I realize now that I could have made him out of dishes but contrasting in color and pattern to the table. If I have any future "invaders" I think I will, unless my glass skills improve exponentially.
Thanks again for commenting, and for your encouragement. My mosaicking friend hasn't really said much about my table.

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Wow! I do love the dress.
I think your bird is wonderful! I love his shape and see no problem with the wing shapes, either one of them, especially considering the angle he is swooping in from! Keep going!
Get some stained glass books from the library and peruse them to help with cutting, but it looks good to me! and everyone has different tastes and likes-I wouldnt worry too much about your mosaic friends quietness. and yes it would be easier if you grout your bird first. It looks great keep going!

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WOW!!! Kathy! What a COOL idea, the bird just Swooping in, LOVE it! You've come a long way Baby!!!heh heh! I am so glad you came to visit me a few yrs back, I just redid my Art Room and added a pic of that day to my "Friends" wall!!
I just can't believe how cool that "Making it your own style" is sooo inspirational! And of course that Dress is OVER THE TOP! WOW, the patience it takes to make that! I of course am the biggest fan of 3d stuff so TOTALLY enjoy it!!!

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Well dispite having a new puppy, I've made a little bit of progress. Here the bird is grouted in charcoal. Most of the other pieces are glued down, except not the butterfly and the round green flowers. Not sure about them. The flowers pieces are taped together so I don't have to piece them together like a puzzle again.

I just realized there is a loose piece of pink lying on top of the bird, lol.

close up of grouted bird

I'm thinking a sandy color for the rest of it. A friend offered me some of her pre mixed that may be the right color but its been in her garage freezing. Also I think I prefer how the mix your own goes on and comes off.

Thanks for looking.

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This is going to be a real interesting mosaic. Love your charcoal grout, and I think your choice of sand-colored for the rest is nice, but I'd probably use charcoal for the whole thing. W/really make the light colors stand out. I admire your patience in choosing juuuuuuust the right pieces. You're doing a great job. The idea of the bird swooping in for the bug - BRILLIANT!!!

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Hmm. I know I don't really like light grouts usually. But I really want the bird to be clearly from somewhere else! So now I'm thinking a medium gray for the rest. That would at least be slightly different from the bird. I probably should have done charcoal on the light and medium on the bird. Ah well, live and learn.
another advantage of medium gray is I might actually reuse it sometime on another project.

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That's an excellent idea, CONCRETE: Your bird is gonna show up regardless of the color of grout. All I ever use are shades of grey. The pearl gray from Lowes is a wonderful neutral. It fades into the background and you only see the tess instead of grout. I mix black into it to my desired shade of charcoal.

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Good Idea with the lighter grey grout! The bird is awesome!!! Way to go!

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I was just thinking when I looked at this again, I was reminded of the old wheelbarrow I have(was my stone mason friends)that I reclaimed by painting with bright purple flowers on the side...well I don't claim to be much of a painter, but a humming bird thought they were real and he kept buzzing around it!!!ha! Just like your bird thinks that is a real bug!heh heh!

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That is so funny about the humming bird. Well I love birds but they do have very small brains!

I am almost done with the tess gluing. I'm going to help my Mom on Friday and her town has a Lowe's so I'll get grout, possibly pearl grey, and go to town on it this weekend. BTW my friend's off white grouted polish dish mosaic table turned out fabulous. I was really worried about the grout color. She darkened it slightly somehow, but not much. I'll try to get a pic of hers too.

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