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heartsandcraftsDecember 7, 2010

Haven't seen this subject posted. I was looking at the pictures of all the beautiful projects that have been posted in the last month or so and started wondering where everyone does their painting. Have you taken over your kitchen/dining room table? Do you have a dedicated craft space? An entire room?? I've pretty much been a kitchen table painter myself. For a short while I had a painting area that I had set up in our family room but we've redone the room and that area was eliminated. Our 20 yr old son recently moved in with a friend of his but comes back once a month or so to spend the weekend and help with yard projects. About a month ago, I packed all of his personal stuff away so I could wash the walls and then had the carpet cleaned. I've decided not to put his things back up. I also removed his queen size bed and put a twin trundle bed in there instead. I'm toying with the idea of turning his bedroom into my painting space but I must confess I'm worried that as soon as I get it just as I like it he'll decide to move back home. Does that make me a terrible mom?? Anyway, I was just wondering where YOUR creativity happens and would love to see pictures of your space if you'd like to share.

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Great Question! My space is an alcove off our kitchen eating area. I have a space that is about 6" by 5" where I actually have my drafting table all set up. DH added a rail at the bottom to catch everything from slipping off the table as well as 5 round containers for pencils, brushes, etc. I keep the brushes I am currently using, faster to find and right at hand for cleaning when done with a project.
I also used this area before our remodel but it was part of the living room then and it felt more like I was part of the family, day or night. On most days it is just DH and myself, and he is in his work shop most of the time. At night he is in the living room which is like in another room, even though I can see and talk with him, if I yell.
Anyway, as to the is right in front of a large window, so I have lots of natural light. When it is raining or dark outside I use track lighting to help offset the kitchen lighting.

It is really a nice space but I am limited without any flat surface other than our kitchen table which doubles as a computer center, pattern holder, drying table, etc, etc....and when I am done it all must go away until I paint again.

I have though of turning our dressing room (extra bedroom) into a paint area but don't know what I would do with everything stored there! Then again, I would be in an area all by myself....and I'm a social bird.


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Belle, sounds like you have a wonderful creative space and how nice of your DH to help set it up for you! What kind of creative endeavors does he have happening out in his workshop?

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H & C, I just did the SAME as you - and, NO - he can't move back in! It's my spare bedroom/sewing/craft room and it's ALL MINE!

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KJ - I wish I could be as strong as you :) This is the first fledgling to leave my nest and it was really difficult taking his things down. I'm slowly putting a few of my painting things in there - and each time it does get a little easier, LOL! Maybe if I do some surfing on the Web to look for inspiration rooms I'll be moved to take the giant leap and claim the space as mine.

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I have 2 spaces...a craft 'area' in my basement and a workbench in the garage.
The previous owner did wood working and had built a workbench in the garage and another workbench on to the wall at one end of the basement for finishing projects. My DH knew right away that the basement area was going to be my space when we looked at buying the house all those years ago. There is even a walk in closet of sorts and over the years my DH has built me shelves for storage. The table itself is big (you wouldn't know it with all of the stuff I have on it, lol) and the actual space around me is compact but I make it work. Even though I have a daylight basement this area is on the opposite side so I must depend on OTT lights. I have accumulated so much stuff and have it organized in such a way it would be way too much work to try and move everything to the other side. Where I am also gives me 'my space' away from everything and everybody else which I like when I am working. My DH took over the workbench in the garage but then one Christmas he built an extension of the existing one and made a workbench for me. We now have his & hers workbenches. lol My scroll saw, Dremels, spindle sander and other assorted tools do their work there (love my power tools!).

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Heartsandcrafts, there are some older posts on here where several of us shared pictures of our workspaces. Maybe a search would bring it back up. As for me, I have cabinets in my laundry room across from my washer/dryer and sink where I can paint. One side of the bank of cabinets is my extra pantry items, but the other half holds all my craft supplies and I use the countertop when I paint. I used to work in a bank and when we got new teller stools, I was given one of the old ones so it's tall enough and works out just fine in there. I keep trying to be organized and keep things picked up, but there's usually a project being worked on and several supplies or books and other projects laying on there too. I'm just thankful to have the space I do, and it's right off the family room so I can hear the tv and talk to DH.


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Well, I have a spare bedroom with it's own bath. It is average size and I am able to get quite a few things in it. I love my old desk (30"x60") it holds everything. I have lots and lots of shelving and three armoires to store things in. I did some cleaning out this year but still have more to go. The plans are to finish what I started last summer - painting and decorating. I put everything on hold because of Christmas - which starts in July for me. Even with all the storage, I still could use another room. My paints are in my desk drawer, my brushes on a carousel on my desk, books in a file cabinet, and the armoires hold things to paint. The large shelving unit holds everything else. And I am almost to the ceiling with things - no kidding. I may be a hoarder cause I sure hate to get rid of any of my art or crafting stuff.

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For years I used whatever space was available. Now I have a studio.
However, it is with mixed blessings. When my mom had her stroke, we brought her to live with us. We added on a bedroom with accessible bath, a good sized closet in the bath for linens and a walk-in closet. We also included a gas fireplace so she could keep the room warmer than we kept the house. The addition included a small sitting room which is what connected the addition to the main house, and porch; the SR became my computer room and the BDR my studio, when mom passed. I know she would be happy that I am using the space for painting as she encouraged me in that regard.

I have been sorting out old papers etc; mostly things I clipped so I could have as a reference when painting. So many available on computer, and I had duplicates because I hadn't filed them. I have a file crate with hanging folders but I had gotten behind in filing. I hope to set up the area so I can work on more than one painting at a time when working in oils. I paint in oils, acrylic and watercolor.

I moved the ET center into that room when we had our flooring laid in the LR/DR. I also have a bookcase,an etagere, a small ET unit (Like an H turned sideways), a 4 drawer chest, a recliner, a microwave stand with tv on it,2 drafting tables, and a standing floor easel. In the center of the room I have a table that is our old DR table (30 yrs old!, its formica topped) with 2 leaves in it. Under that I have pvc shelving for canvases. My closets are full with canvases, variety of papers and other craft supplies. I have lots of books, and stuff I bought for when I taught classes. A little (Ha!) disorganized but my dream world. I have just enough room to walk around the table or sit at one of the drafting tables or easel. The recliner is next to the FP so I can cozy up and read or dream or watch TV.

Thanks for letting me tell you about my space!

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Thank you all for sharing! They all sound like wonderful spaces for creating.

Krafty - do you like your OTT light? I keep looking at them but don't want to invest in one if the light is too harsh.

Luvs - I will definitely look back and see if I can find the older posts with the photos.

B - so nice you have a bath in the spare bedroom. Makes clean-up so much easier than having to cart everything out to a sink in another part of the house.

Cali - I am positive your mom is smiling down on you whenever you are working in your studio. Sounds like an absolutely lovely place to be creative or take a break from the world. I think if I had a fireplace and a cozy chair in a room where I could hide away and paint or read I would probably never leave.

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I have a third bedroom that has sliding doors to the sun porch so it doesn't really seem like a bedroom. I have made this room into a place for my crafts. I have my old kitchen table and chairs to work on and two sets of shelves for storage and a huge chest of drawers for additional storage. There is also a closet and I keep my tool chest there. This makes it easier to find my screw drivers, pliers, hammers, etc. I have a really old table on my sun porch which I use for painting baseboard, trim, etc. (I am always doing something to my house) My various saws are also on the sun porch since I don't have a basement or garage. Marylee

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Is there ever enough space in whatever space we have for painting? I would so love to have a large flat surface somewhere near my painting desk. It would be nice to keep tracings, patterns and supplies handy. Now my space is vertical and I get tired of everything ending on the floor.

DH is suggesting that I trade spaces with the spare bedroom which we now use for storage and as our dressing room. It does have a large window......did I mention it has a large window? The large window look out to our DGS tree house. Ah! Well! I will give it thought.


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