Uppers next to stainless hood - to panel or not?

seosmpMay 6, 2013


I'd asked this earlier in a 2 question post, but this question wasn't really answered.

Does anyone do a nice end panel on the upper cabinets directly next to a stainless (chimney style) hood? Or just do the regular panel? I had my cabinetmaker change it to nice end panels and now am questioning this --- I have not seen this anywhere else -- I just assumed since it was showing, it should be the nice end panel. Is there any downside to this, other than cost?


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If you mean something with added trim, I wouldn't. It wouldn't really show that much and what did show would be broken visually by the hood and the other cabinets. It would also be one more place for dust, grease or splatters to gather and need cleaning. Save your money.

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Can't think of the right terms right now but all of our exposed cabinet have upgraded or finished sides. So if they became damaged, something banged against them it would be repairable.

Is that what you mean?

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Thanks for the replies!

I have raised panel cabinet doors, and by nice end panels, I just mean the raised panel ends, e.g. that go on the end of a run (and in theory make them look "custom").

I think the argument about cleaning in the detail of a raised panel seems like a good reason to just go with the regular finished panel (not that I'm one to clean them, but it's seems reasonable).

So, I will check with the cabinetmaker to see how much this will save me :).


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I have paneled ends on the sides of the cabinets next to my stainless steel vent hood. I actually never thought about whether the sides should or should not be paneled. My cabinet maker did not ask me if I wanted them paneled. I just looked at my receipt and there was no upcharge for it. I guess it just must be the way he makes his cabinets.
I have to clean grease from the underside of the hood and the blower wheels every couple of months. The cabinets have had no grease on them whatsoever in the 18 months since they were installed so there is no cleaning issues with them
It is hard to tell from the angle of the picture but I do have 6 inches of space between the hood and cabinets. Here's what my end panels look like.

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Thanks for the input and posting the picture! I have to decide by Weds evening!!! Whether to panel, and distance from hood!!

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