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lady_beejayDecember 15, 2001

Gina, Read your post about the one stroke painting. I

had seen Donna Dewberry on PBS a couple weekends ago and

was really interested in her painting. Yesterday, at

Walmart I bought a video, Basic Strokes, and a book and

some brushes. I have always bought cheap brushes , but

I thought if I was going to try to learn I would invest

in the good brushes. I have put it all away until after

Christmas or I will not get any of my Christmas stuff

done. I think one of the secrets is loading the brush

right and also practice, practice, practice. I am really

anxious to get started. I will have to get a couple of

the work sheets to practice on. Walmart did not have

the ones that go with the video. I am going to try to

order them on line. Thanks for the encouragement. JOY

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Hey Joy...Christmas is now over...get those paints and brushes out and paint paint paint!!!!You'll have a blast a be surprised at how easy it is!!! go to Yard sales, flea markets, goodwills,etc...get yourself prepaired for painting, cause once you catch the"Dewbery Bug" LOL you can't stop!!!!

You can order stuff online QVC has alot of stuff, boy did I ever over do it when I saw Donna on there, cha-ching!!! ordered oodles of stuff...

Yip, I have found that the loading of the brushes is the secret, and the thick paint...

Let me know how you're doing...

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