My new Santa

paintingfoolDecember 16, 2007

I have been making these Santas for about 10 years or so. My sister decided she needed a new one so I thought I would share it with yall. The fur is real mink (I collect old mink coats for my Santas) the beard is mohair from a ranch in California, the fabric is a red and gold brocade and his belt is one of my old ones cut down to fit. I paint his face and use a wood button for his nose. He sits in a chair and his feet hang over. I don't use a pattern because I have made him so many times I know how to cut the fabric. The Snowman is made from felt and is for my grandaughter's 2nd grade teacher. Today was a good day for making things since the weather turned cold and won't warm back up for a few days - today only 56 degrees but by Thursday it will be back to the 70's.

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That is one elegant Santa! Great job, and the teacher will be thrilled with her snowman.

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Well my dear, those are just lovely. Love that you painted the santa's face and love all the details on both of them. Great gifts! You are just Ms Talented over there. ha
Oh and I'll trade ya my 19 degrees for your 56!bbbbbbrrrrrr I'z freezin! ~Anj

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Anj, I absolutely hate cold weather, I don't mind a bit of a chill but I can never seem to warm up when it's cold and I would never leave the house if we had weather like that. It got really cold - 33 degrees when we were in Pennyslvania in October and I had to wear blue jeans, a sweatshirt and a jacket plus gloves and a scarf - I could hardly move with all those clothes on!! Here in Florida I have a light weight jacket and will have to use if for a few days but it is suppose to be back to the 70's Thursday.

I am glad you liked the Santa, he is a favorite of mine, I hope to have the one I am keeping done by Christmas - LOL. I think I will hide him after Christmas so I won't be tempted to give him away when someone asks.

Heard Luvs is having computer problems, sure miss her posts

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Just beautiful, love the snowman but gosh your santa is so elegant! better hide him, sure you will have lots of offers to take him home!

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PF, It has been killing me to not be able to tell you how cute your Santa and Snowman are! DH and DS worked on my computer today and got it working again! Thank goodness.

The eyes on your Santa look so dimensional. And I love the fabric you used for his suit.

And you know how much I always love snowmen. ;o) Great job. Thanks for sharing.


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Welcome back, Luvs. We have missed you - what a time for the computer to go out, just when everyone is posting their Christmas pics. The eyes on the Santa are painted with a blue comma stroke and then I came back with side load of thin white at the bottom of the eye. I loved the fabric which I found at Walmart earlier this year. The gold threads make it so pretty and it is actually a bit darker than it appears. My sister got it yesterday and is thrilled. Thanks for the nice comments. Look forward to seeing your Christmas pics.

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