Anyone familiar with this dining table

chloenkittyJuly 21, 2014

I planned on purchasing restoration hardwares trestle table in salvaged natural. However, a local furniture company can get a very similar table from dovetail called Lauren dining table. I hear good any so so reviews about RH but never heard of this dovetail. The owner of the furniture store likes this line but I thought I'd get an unbiased opinion on it if anyone is familiar. The pic attached is the dovetail, the second pic will be the RH.

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looks like RH to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: RH Trestle table

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Here's the RH (which I'm sure most of you are familiar with)

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Oopsâ¦RH table isn't what you're looking for?

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Since both items are imported, it's very possible they are coming from the same factory overseas. Maybe small changes to details and dimensions so RH can claim an exclusive.

Looks sturdy enough to dance on. If there's big savings I'd seriously consider the alternative.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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On a purely practical note, I have a trestle table and I curse it every day because that board that goes along the bottom length is nearly impossible to sweep/vacuum under. I love my table but I'll never have another one that's so difficult to clean around. If you have hardwoods and/or pets, I don't know if this would bother you but keep it in mind.

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Not familiar with it, but it seems like one could be a knockoff of the other. Such a classic style that it doesn't seem fair to call it a knockoff though. The first one has a simpler, chunkier base to it, and it could be the photo or lighting, but the finish seems just a bit more rustic. I think it may depend on where you would use the table and how casual/formal you want it to be. I'd probably use the first table in a breakfast room or casual dining room but more likely the RH one in a more formal DR.

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I've heard multiple stories about problems with online RH furniture delivery. Damaged furniture & difficulty dealing with customer service when there is a problem.

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Last summer, DD2 ordered the round salvaged wood trestle table and six Madeline chairs from RH. She had no issues with delivery, and when she unwrapped one of the chairs and it was broken, they sent a replacement immediately. They also arranged for return pick-up the next day. When the replacement also arrived broken, their timely service was repeated. The customer service representative that handled my calls always kept me up to date with emails and couldn't have been more helpful and kind.

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We ordered a vanity for our powder room from RH about 3 years ago. It all arrived in fine condition, but the pre-drilled holes for the faucet in the marble top were very tight. When my DH tried to push them through, the marble cracked. We called RH, and they replaced the marble top, no cost to us. The replacement worked just fine. We were very pleased with their service, but that was a while ago. We haven't bought anything from them since.

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I am very familiar with dovetail. they do come from the same country but not from the same factories. But let's face it...they are all making the same stuff.

Dovetail is a successful company and generally makes/buys good products. I think you would be as happy with this table as the RH table.

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