kids say the darndest thinigs :)

pseudo_momApril 25, 2008

So My hubby and I are out with SD9 last night... shopping

Her dad walks away doing something she looks at me and said "he's crazy" ... I said well he is YOUR DAD... she then looks at me and well he's YOUR HUSBAND...

The clerk turned real quick to look at us and he started laughing....

Guess she showed me ... she didn't have a choice but I chose him. :)

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I call that a "Golden Moment" --
Thanks for sharing it

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I once was ranting to my mother about my father, who knows why, & she finally said, "That's enough! He *is* your *father*!"

I looked her in the eye (my mother was a brutal mean devil, I must have been *really* mad at my father to have done this) & said,

"That's not my fault."

thought she was going to kill me....

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SD and I were talking one day about her father (he was doing something we both thought was dorky). She said to me "YOU married him, I didn't have a choice" We both broke out laughing and he just sat there and stared at us.

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About 5 years ago, my DSGS (step grandson) came to live with us. He was largely non-verbal at the time at nine years of age. My DH had mentioned several times how he hates fresh corn on the cob. One day I picked some up because it was one of the few things DSGS would eat. So he verified that grandpa hated sweet corn, looked at me with a most puzzled look on his face and asked, "Where did you find that guy anyway, in the WOODS?"

I laughed so hard and he kept asking what was so funny, which made me laugh harder.

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ahh these stories are great! Made me laugh out loud! We should make an effort to keep this thread going for those stressful days!

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When we were about 6 years old our dad had to go see his doctor for some cold symptoms or similar stuff . He had no place to leave me and my brother, so he dragged us along.

My dad started to lose his hair early in life so in his 30s he already had very little hair left. Here we are sitting in a clinic lobby with dad, getting bored.

Here one older guy walks in and he has similarly bald head like our dad.

After staring at him for few minutes I loudly asked so everyone heard in a lobby: "Dad, did this man came here for the same reason as you: to treat his baldness?" People laughed in a lobby but dad was clearly embarassed. We all still remember it. hahah

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My SS10

As we are walking out the door to go to school I say go "brush your hair"

He say "none of my friends brush their hair"

If all your friends are jumping off a bridge are you going to?

He says "WHY would ALL of my friends jump off a bridge??

I don't know I say because their mom's made them brush their hair!

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One evening when my son was in kindergarden, we were watching Dateline and there was a four year old child genius on the show reading Hamlet....I asked my son if he knew what Hamlet was, and he said, its a small town, isnt it......

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My XSIL told me a story about something her son said. He was 9 or ten and came in from outside leaving the door open. She said "Close the door! Were you born in a barn?" and he said, with a straight face "No but Baby Jesus was". LOL! What do you even say to that????

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bump ... I think there is another thread like this.

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One day my dad asked my stepson, who was 7 at the time, what time he got out of school and my stepson replied "13'o'clock". My dad couldn't stop laughing. It was hilarious! I know there are more stories, I just have to think of them.

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I personally loved it when one of the girls anounced to a room packed full of relatives (at a particularly quite moment no less) that "Guess what? Doodle's boobies squirt milk." The guys in the room were obviously disturbed.


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When my D was in an elementary school health class and they were talking about healthy habits, she said, oh yeah, my mom has given up coke. The teacher knew me well enough to know she meant I gave up soda.

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didn't get one about "13 o'clock." I am missing why it is funny. he meant 1PM, right?

i am glad you gave up coke kkny. LOL

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Yes, for green tea with no sugar.

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