Need decorating ideas (photos) for a small room

mangomoonOctober 9, 2008

I have a room in my new small home, that is too small for a guest room. If I were to put a full size bed in the room, there would hardly be any room for a dresser, let alone walking around in it without feeling cramped or closed in. I would like to make the most of the small room.

Any one have any decorating ideas to make the most of it? I tend to favor eclectic decorating, utilizing old pieces with newer ones. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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What size is your room. Our last guest room was 10 by 10. I used a futon in there. Well here too. I had a large cabinet and tables in the room with it.

I first bought a twin bed hoping it would not take up too much space but it took up as much space as the futon when it was in couch position and only slept one. Sometimes we have a couple come to visit. So twin bed left.

I would prefer to have a small couch with bed in it for our guest room but have the newer futon now so hate to just go out and buy something new.

Let us know the size room you are dealing with. I am the queen of eclectic. NOTHING in our house matches except the two kitchen chairs.LOL


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I am ROTFLOL...hee heee, that is very funny that nothing matches. You are my kind of person. I love eclectic. I think it is something like 12 x 14. Here are the contents of the room.

1 ergonomic computer table (lots of room on top, but takes up 1/3 of the entire room), a small wood cubby with drawer under the computer table and of course the computer tower. An Ikea 3 drawer unit that doesn't take up a lot of room and serves as a way to store linens and not clutter the closet. One small vintage mosaic table, one small wooden stool and my sewing machine which has a dresser like scarf over it to hide the fact it is a sewing machine. That is it!

Oh, and talk about vintage and eclectic, I have a couple of wooden boxes, one is a Borden box used to deliver milk in, painted over, chippy here and there and one other wooden box circa 1940's that holds paperbacks. I don't like tradition. Don't care for the "Bed, Bath and Beyond" everyone has it look, as I really love vintage pieces from various periods.

Anyway, I am thinking of getting rid of the computer table and replacing it with a smaller desk, but then I might not have the comfort I have with this one because of the ergonomic design. Any suggestions?

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There are foot stools and benches which open up into beds. No idea how comfortable they are. Link below is for sizes from single to queen. Plus a leather one on right side of link window. Try a search too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleeper Ottoman

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mangomoon, my guest room aka sewing room is also 10x10. I have a trundle bed in there, but like the idea of a futon. But a trundle was more practical for sleepovers when my kids were young.

The older I get, the more I appreciate ergonomic design, so I would keep what you have. 12x14 seems really big to me, but I know how it is when you start using a room as office or sewing, the bed is always in the way.

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LOL I only have a short time right now.I have to go to work tonight.

I am posting a picture of my office in the last house we had. I know it will make you LOL some more considering the things in my office. This is one wall of a 10 by 10 room and the door is just to the left of the little dresser. So all of this is on a 9 foot one inch wall. There is a printer in the top of the little dresser. We are all laptops here to save space. Only I am thinking the 6 laptops certainly could add up to a couple of desktops. Sigh. NOW I am hoarding laptops.

Back to the office. There is a 4 foot wide by 18 inch deep china cabinet on the right of the desk on other wall. Note the mosaic table.

I need to dig up the guest room pictures. They are not on this computer.

Our master bedroom is 12 1/2 by 14 and I can get lots of stuff in it. Can you post the sizes of the furniture pieces and lay out of your room as to windows and doors. I could easily get an office and guest room with lots of room to spare in a room that size.

One thing you might consider is to make a graph of your room and then your furniture to scale on the same graph paper and start pushing paper around until it fits. It can be a good idea when cramming lots in one room to have heights of things stay consistent around the room. Trying not to go from high to low high to low. That tends to make the eye bounce confusing the brain making the room feel crowded. You can fill in a low spot with a picture.

I am a big fan of tall pieces holding lots of stuff in a small foot print.

Dang I have to get going here. This is so fun but dinner and work call.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mangomoon, Finally remembered where the pictures were of our last house. It shows the guest room with futon. In a 10 by 10 foot room. There was also a 5 + foot long and 4 1/2 foot tall gun cabinet on one wall and a small mosaic table and two end tables and a table in front of the futon I used as a coffee table.

Then the master bedroom is the same size as the room you have and it shows the pictures around the room of all that is/was in there. I know I always put too much in a room but that is me.

Our guest room here is different and I need to finish the marriage of two pieces of furniture before posting a picture of the piece. Right now it looks pretty yuck. Once the wood I need comes in at the lumberyard I will finish it up. Sigh Small town have to wait for things sometimes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lots of pictures of small house decorating

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Forgot there was also a three shelf piece in the guest room that was 36 inches wide.Saw it in the picture. Sold that piece last year.

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shades of idaho, I love your antique dresser!

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Thank you Marti8a. That dresser was a real deal for me. I traded a set of 4 cane seat chairs that were too dainty for our big burly friends.A small pressed top table and a small commode for that dresser. So in a big way I down sized. Got rid of things I did not want any longer and got something I really did want. I am assuming you mean the one with large oval mirror.

The other dresser was a junk store find and it is really old 1868 after researching handles.Even has a secret drawer. The top piece is not part of it I found that in another junk store and put them together.


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Yes, the one with the oval mirror. You did well on that trade. I couldn't really see the other one, but after hearing your story, I think I would like to see it better. 1868 really is an antique.

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Our master bedroom is less than 12x14 and we have a king size bed in it. What else do you have to put in there that is making a full size bed feel crowded? You could try putting it in a corner to make the room more spacious for other uses.

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Chris ~ I just love the way you decorate. I loved your cabinets over your stove & refrigerator. You really have a knack for decorating. I feel right at home, comfortable and content. Your colors are very nice too.


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Have a small bathroom, am planning to remodel in the future, another year or so. Just put all new windows in my house, so will pay them of first. What i need help with is it's 5'x5'6''. the tub is on the 5' side, with a toilet and vanity &sink on the longer side.Over the tub is a 42" window which I will keep. The door is centered across from the window and tub.There a landing outside the bathroom that is 5'x6'6''.On the other side of the bathroom is a bedroom, 9'x7'(plus 2' jog). The door to this bedroom is upagainst the bathroom wall at a right angle.On the other side of bedroom door is a small linen closet,then a doorway to another bedroom, 7'x7'(plus 2' closet). Taking the jog out of the first bedroom would make it so small that only a single bed would fit in there, a double leaves hardly any room if it was 7' wide, plus no bureau room,only small closet. I'm stuck and I like to plan in advance so if anyone can help, thankyou in advance.

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