A lovely little angel

paintingfoolDecember 12, 2011

Several years ago a friend gave me some wood pieces she had purchased but didn't have a pattern to. This is one of those pieces - I painted it, glittered it, and then just added a wood button for the head. Then after all is finished I found her pattern for cutting the wood - apparently this piece is suppose to hang upside down on the tree - with her arms holding a bell I think - oh, well, she turned out cute anyway.

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Hi PF, what a nice surprise to see your little angels. Hope things are going well for you and you are enjoying the holiday season.

I always admire anyone who can take a cutout and come up with their own design for it! Anj is good at doing that too. Cute little angels, and I love how sweet the faces are on that little button.


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Your angels are lovely with your roses and sparkles. The faces are really sweet. Great job.

Happy Holidays!


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Sweet little angels. They look like they are singing Christmas carols. Love it that you painted different rose designs on them. The added sparkles are so pretty too.


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They are very cute and oh so sweet, PF! I love what you did with them. Yours are one-of-a-kinds, which makes them that much more valuable. Their pretty pastel pink really shows up on the tree. Hope you have a great Christmas!

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