Daughter wearing wedding band as necklace

mbl607April 2, 2012

Hello all, I am wondering your thoughts or if this has happened to anyone. At my boyfriend's, soon to be fianc�, house doing crafts with his two daughters from his previous marriage. We've been together 5 years. I look over and his 10 yr old daughter is wearing his wedding band from his previous marriage on a chain around her neck. It upset me, I said nothing to her of course, but he doesn't see why. Am I in the wrong here that I think it isn't appropriate?

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Yep. You're far too sensitive on this one. This ring is nothing to you. However it means something to the girl. I have a hunch she has not had it long and she'll soon put it in a jewel box. Ignore it. It's hers and something special to her that represents her beginnngs.

You've been with her father for five years, it's no threat to you. Make a stink over it and it will become one. And for the record, my children were given my similar type items (ring, earrings ect) from my first marriage...it's no big deal. One adult child had stones from earrings and a necklace reset and wears it all the time.

yeah, it get it surprised you and that to you you feel the ring should be banished (destroyed, just like the marriage was) and never to see the light of day again. You'd like the ring to poof just like the marriage did, new start, new beginning, no signs from the past... But the threat exist only in your head. That marriage ended long ago, think of the ring on the chain as nothing more than a piece of jewerly that belongs to the child. It's nothing to your BF, don't let it become a sore point. It's nothing to be jealous of, resent, and/or get all angry and upset over. Her mother and father were once married and created her, it's a present of her beginnings from (I assume) her mother. To the child it means something, to you, it's nothing. Let it go.

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Thank you. I don't have children from my previous marriage so I really have no perspective on what to think and feel. I appreciate the explanation!

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