emagineerOctober 6, 2006

My new slipcovers were just delivered....they are terrific! I love slipcovers, but only the ones that are tailored and have separate cushion covers with welting. They have always been far too costly, unless finding a couch where the slipcovers are included. Am also one with a habit of trying the unusual.

Found the site below and could not believe the prices. I have a slicovered couch in linen twill, but wanted to change for the winter. My unusual habit is using something that wasn't meant to be....measured my couch and it appeared that these slipcovers would work. Plus they have a 100% guarantee including shipping back. So, I took a chance.

Yay! The cover fits perfectly and is everything they promised...heavy fabric, washable, solid sewing/construction. The covers even have a zipper in back, making it easier to pull on and fit like a glove. Velcro strips are on the inside for attaching to couch. You would never know this cover was not meant to fit my loving this chance I took.

If any of you need a change or need a revamp....these are worth more than their price. I took measurements and then added an inch to make sure they would fit. In my opinion, these covers are actually nicer than PB. The washable option makes them even better.

I wrote to them and asked if they are going to offer prints, they responded quickly and said this was definitely in the future. Hopefully the price will hold...

Here is a link that might be useful: Sofa Collection

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Thank you so much for posting this. I've been thinking that this is the route I would like to go.However the covers offered by the company I purchased my furniture from are quite expensive. Gotta go browse at these.

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I have sewn fitted slipcovers in the past, and I couldn't beat the price of the ones you purchased with a stick! I will be looking into them...thanks so much for the link. They look lovely.

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I have a Pottery Barn slipcover on a loveseat. I'd rather have root canal than remove, wash and replace it. After 1/2 hour of struggling I was ready to throw it and the loveseat out the window.

I wonder why they only offer the red fabric in the Milan collection? Great prices.

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With the exception of the seat cushion, which isn't really difficult but still needs the squeeze/push, the cover went on in a flash. There is a zipper down the back which I think makes putting them on much easier and definitely gives the cover a more formed fit.

I too wanted some other options for color/ you, red was hoped for. They wrote and said this was something they were going to offer in the future. Suspect they are not producing these themselves (importing?), so the offerings seem to fit into the most popular/current trends.

The covers are so good and priced right that I still want to buy a couple more for long term. Options limit this, how many shades of tan can one have?

I looked at PB a long time ago, the price was a big issue for me personally and the cover I wanted couldn't be washed...cranberry. Found the Sofa Collection after repeated searches on the net for "slipcover couches". There are a lot offered, but most don't offer buying extra covers, or they aren't washable.

The link below is another option, Ballard Designs. I bought the straw color for another set over a year ago. They go on sale for half price, have to watch the site for when it happens. These were a tight fit and not as well made as Sofa Collection....but, you can get red/cranberry. I washed the chair cover and it shrank a bit. Partially my fault washing and drying hot.

The couch the covers are being used on is from World Market's slipcover couch, which I got on sale and bought an extra cover in off white this summer. They originally offered extra covers in green, red, brown. Would sure like to find out what/where these could be found as they were on sale for $100, heavy twill and can be washed. It is a great, comfortable couch. I have had the very expensive couches and they didn't hold up any better than less than expensive.

Off white is great for summer, but decided to get a dark color for the winter. Since Sofa Collection has the white twill, wonder if finding someone to dye it is an option. Still far less expensive than PB.

An additional site:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ballard

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