My CD Snowman

paintingfoolDecember 11, 2006

I was given several hundreds of damaged CD's so I painted them. They will be given to the hospital for the patients' as a tray favor. Hope it makes them smile.

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This is adorable!!!! You will really brighten spirits with those. What did you use to fill the nose hole?
The paients will be thrilled.

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When it scanned it came out a bit bluer than it actually is. I painted it white first and then sponged on the blues and a bit of lavender. I used a wood button you find in the craft stores and hot glued it in place trying to be careful not to make a mess on the back of the CD. I also painted the back, I like my pieces to be completely finished. Then I varnished him. I drilled a hole in the top and added a hanger. Glad you like him.

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It's adorable and I'm sure they will be pleased and delighted to see that smiling face. ~Anj

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That is precious, and how wonderful of you to do this for the patients! I am sure that happy face will lift lots of spirits!

Don't think I have told this group about this past year and the time I have spent in hospitols. On Mothers day weekend, my oldest son, who had been a diabetic for 22 years, and a dialysis patient for almost 4 yrs, recieved the most precious gift. A double transplant...kidney and pancreas!!!!! After a very long summer and lots of complications....he is doing super and is no longer a diabetic. Also, my FIL had a stroke and has been in nursing rehabs since Aug.

My point is....if any of you have any little things that you could contribute to hospitols or nursing not hesitate!!! You would be suprised as to how many very ill people have no visitors. At the nursing home...I noticed that there were bird feeders all over the grounds...but no bird seed. I inquired and it seems, family would put them up for the patients to watch from their windows, and then either the person would go home or pass away...and there sat the feeders. Well...Dad will be going home Thursday, but DH and I have promised to keep filling the feeders. I am known as the bird lady now! You would not beleive the joy that something so little brings to someone bed ridden!! have done a good thing!!

Sorry so long.

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Wow, Gram, how wonderful that is for your son. So glad the transplants have worked for him. I have no doubt that it was a long and gruelling process to get to this point--But he made it! How nice of you to fill the birdfeeders for the patients too. You are right, little things do make such a difference in brightening someone's day. Glad you FIL is out and doing better too.

Painting Fool, what a nice thing to do. You put so much detail into your work, and give them such cute expressions. With your experience, you probably can paint 10 of them in the time it would take me to do just one! I can just picture you with them all lined up and just painting away. I can tell you have a big heart that matches your huge talent. Luvs

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Luvs, they really do not take much time, I sponge the paint on so it goes by quickly. You are right though, I usually have an assembly line going for things like this. I should add that every month our painting club does some type of painting for the tray favors at our local rehabilitation center - many of the patients have had strokes, or head injuries, including young children.

Grams, I am so glad things worked out for your son. I give thanks every day that our family is healthy. My family is not wealthy but we have always been fortunate enough to have a home, food in the pantry, a decent job, and best of all, our health. We could not ask for anything more.
Thanks for your lovely comments, all of you. By the way, the temperatures are back up, today it is 73 degrees and I can actually get out of the house without a jacket.

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Paintingfool: That is so kind of you to donate your time in such a thoughtful way. I was watching Larry King the other night when he had Marlo Thomas on with many families who have been helped at St. Jude Hospital. Our lives are put in perspective when we see the suffering of the little ones. My "needs" become unimportant. What I need is to GIVE TO OTHERS.
Grams: Your family received a blessing this year. Tis the season to be joyful.

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Your Cd is adorable. I'm sure they will be enjoyed. Your time was very well spent. Gran I am so glad your son has done so well. What a Chrsitmas blessing for you all. Jlily

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What a wonderful example you set of the true Christmas spirit. These are absolutely fabulous,,,God Bless you.

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What a wonderful and thoughtful idea! And they are really cute, too.

Be Safe, Rach

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Great painting job and great recycling of a CD. I'm positive the folks in the hospital will just love them.


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