A little nagging goes a long way :)

doodlebooApril 3, 2009

I got home yesterday and every stitch of clothes had been washed and folded. There was a TON. It took him six hours to get it done. He had also gone and gotten some boxes and started packing the decortive stuff.

He said when the girls go back to school monday he is going to go out and put in more applications. He didn't even ASK where the computer was. LOL.

I guess my nagging finally paid off. He isn't a bad guy he just needs to be kicked in the butt from time to time to get him moving....kindof like a cow. I gave him much positive reinforcement to make sure he realized how much him doing things like this alleviate my stress. There was no arguing last night. Maybe he made the connection. Fingers crossed.

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*fingers crossed*

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Good! I am so glad for you. Sometimes hubbys need a good old kick in the butt to get them back on track! Even the best hubbys can fall into a lazy streak once in a while.

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good. glad he got it! sometimes men need to be told what to do.

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He's not a bad guy....just lazy but ONLY when it comes to doing things he doesn't like. If it's something like yard work or cooking he'll do it all day long!

I guess hinting just doesn't work with him. You have to be direct and to the point. You have to tell him what you wanthim to do. COmplaining about it or making reference to it is pointless.

Once I started giving out direct orders he started getting on it. I was just worried I'd look like Wifezilla if I started barking orders left and right but it would appear that's what gets him hopping.

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and we didn't even have to send you the lamp. Nice work, Wifezilla! :-)

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