gigi_CanadaDecember 7, 2001

Has anyone ever taught themselves to one stroke paint from the books or video. I just can not seem to get it, after watching her on PBS, I did see that maybe I am not loading my brush up enough. Just wondering. Thanks.

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Yes, I taught myself from her books, but it took me awhile. My problem was I was being stingy with the paint on the brush. Onna says to load it Full and after I started to do that, it went better, much better.
SHe says to load it clear up to the ferrule, or the metal of the brush. Good luck. Ginnia

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I am self taught using Donna's videos. It took a couple days of practice before I got the feel of it, but I do not think I would have learned so quickly if I had just been using books. The videos are well worth the investment.


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I am interested in trying these videos, also, but cannot
find them anywhere. Can someone give me an idea of where they can be bought. I also watched the girl on PBS, but
you had to join PBS for $150 in order to get all the
kits. Thanks for any help. JOY

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You can order the videos from Donna's web site. Link below.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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The Garden Bouquet video and her One Stroke video (basics) are cheaper at

She also has video kits at that usually come with the videos, books/or practice sheets, paints, brushes and anything else you need to get started. They also carry kits that come with bonus pattern sheets and such that you can't get in the books at the store.

I know Joann Etc. sells her videos so you might also want to check at

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Thanks for all of the input. I taped Donna Dewbury on Pbs and I watched it quite a few times. When I was confident I could do it I practiced and then practiced some more. I have been painting for a few years and the way she loads her brushes with paint, I was not doing, but finally caught on. I had base painted an old milk can beige and dabbed (used a grocery bag) on 50/50 white and pearl medium. It looked lovely before I started. It was then I decided to practice my one stroke, and it turned out very nicely. Of course I did have to go back and forth from the VCR, to see her paint. The heart shaped leaves probably gave me the most trouble, but all in all was happy with the results. The thing I found from what was aired on PBS, there is as much she is not telling you as she is telling you, make sense? But that is how she gets you interested. I have a feeling there would be some very disappointed people thinking they could paint like that, when it has taken her more than a few years to perfect. I know this is long, but it can be done, with lots of patience and time. Thanks for listening to me.

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You can also check with a WalMart store. They carry alot of her books and some videos

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I teach One Stroke painting at local Hobby Lobby in Merrillville, IN. Some people need a live teacher to learn The Dews method of painting. Loading your brush correctly (only 2/3 of the way to the ferrule-otherwise you will ruin the brush), blending back and forth on palette a least three times, reloading paint each time before blending. You are now ready to paint. Practice is important because the technique is so different from other types of painting. has a teacher listing. Try out a couple of classes. It is well worth it. For those of you have learned without a teacher, GOOD for YOU! Be proud of your accomplishments.

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lady beejay,
It's too bad you didn't post here asking about the videos and kits before you spent $150 to join PBS. You can get them online in lots of places, and you can also get supplies at almost any craft store or Walmart. I get my stuff at Michaels or Joann and both of them have online stores. Plus and many others. Well, as long as you can get them now...Happy Painting!

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Paula, I did not buy the package deal from PBS. I found a video at AC Moore, and then found a book at Walmart. I
have already ordered the practice cards to go with the video from Donna's website. I also invested in a set of
good brushes, which I am always relutant to pay the money for. But, I figured if I was going to be real serious about learning, I needed good brushes. I have a daughter in law who does beautiful painting and she insisted that
I buy the good brushes. We are going to watch the video together and practice together. As good as she is, she is
always saying there is always more to learn. And, practice, practice , practice. I am waiting until after Christmas to even start. Thanks for your interest. Joy

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lady beejay you were smart to invest in good brushes. You are only as good as the tools you use. As someone who has been painting for many years myself it is true what your daughter-in-law says - there is always more to learn because new techniques, paints, faux finishes are discovered every day.

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I am so excited! My local Wal Mart will be having a live demo on the 19th. The add says Donna herself. So even if it is one of her reps it will be exciting. It was suppose to happen in Sept. but got canceled because of the crisis. I didn't think it would get reschedule. Yea!

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