exterior remodel - What would you do???

patrice607October 10, 2010

I have a 40 year old u-shaped ranch. We need to replace the old warped cedar shakes. What colors/materials would you use?

Budget $30k

Problems - stone veneer is not under shutters.

- hard to see front door from the street.

I am desperate for suggestions and need to get this done before winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: exterior remodel

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Hi, patrice607,

When I think of Mission style and arches, I think of stucco. Is that something you've considered?

Here's a link to a company that makes Mission style shutters--the second pic shows them against a stone wall. I'm not recommending them, I just found them by doing a google search.

Are you doing DIY? Best of luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shutterstile

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Are you asking about the shakes in the entry? I actually like them and would think about working off their rustic look. Like your door too.

The only thing I can think of is stucco as momma suggested and add an adobe fence to create a courtyard with opening off the driveway.

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Mamagoose - Thanks for the link. Love the shutters!

emagineer - I have shakes all over the house except for the stone veneer on the right gable. Thinking about fibercement board to replace them. I have an entry garden that I want to be seen from the street so I don't want to put a fence to block the view.

Thanks for your ideas!

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I agree...horizontal cement siding would look good. I would probably try to save the shakes on the porch and paint it the same color as the cement siding. As for which color to use, pull one from the stone veneer so your walls are cohesive.

As for your front entrance, how about a pergola? I inserted a link for one possible design.

Also make sure you add mission lighting on your garage and front porch. I would probably add a new mission style door to complete the design. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: pergola

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Brelysse -
I'm thinking of horizontal on the bottom part and board and batten up on the gables. I was going to use a sage but don't like the sage that James Hardie has on the colorplus. Maybe a shade of taupe.

I considered a pergola but my sidewalk is curved and the only place that a pergola fits would be right in the middle of my window. Love the design on your link! I'm also considering putting braces up by the roof line (not brackets) they would look like the angled wood on the top of the pergola. Thanks for your ideas!

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You mentioning braces brings up the photo I will show you. I think it would look great across the top of your garage, then across the entry garden and across the other side where your stone facing is but will be removed. It would unify the house front nicely.

Our house in Alabama is stucco, and that is sprayed on over the cement board. I can attest that it is strong stuff.
Could not get the html code to print...strange. So here is the album link to the photo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arbor braces

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I like the idea of the pergola - similar to the one that won the BH&G exterior facelift last year. http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/exteriors/curb-appeal/2009-home-improvement-challenge-exterior-facelift-winner-and-more-favorites/ My house is not a true U shape - the garage side is even with the shutters in the entry way. I need to clarify that I am not replacing the stone veneer. I would like to find something that matched so I could put more around the garage door.

Thanks for your ideas!

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I also posted on the decorating forum hoping for lots of input!

I found an exact match to our stone so I will be putting it around the garden window in the entry and all around the garage door. There will be an address stone centered above the door and new lighting fixtures on either side. The rest of the surfaces will be covered in monterrey taupe hardi board with white trim and black(?) shutters. I want to replace the garage door eventually but DH does not like the mission style door I chose and does not want white. So, I think I'll just paint it to match the taupe until we can agree on something else. Also need to replace driveway (concrete with stones on both sides?) After all is done, I'll work on the landscaping. I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments or suggestions!

Here is a link that might be useful: exterior remodel

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Patrice, I loooked at your album, it will look good with black shutters and the taupe. Instead of pure white as the third color, you might try a creamy white, or a pale beige.
Take a look at some of the mission/arts&crafts color pallettes to coordinate the third color.

I like the idea of stone on both sides, but make sure that the stone is easy to walk on up to the entry path. I did not see another sidewalk, so like at our house, folks must use the driveway to approach the front door?

Your garden window is what I want in my kitchen, but a little wider and a little taller too. If not that, then a deep window sill inside, and two windows with them at counter height level.

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Thanks for the warning. I certainly don't want to create a trip hazard for my elderly parents!

what color for the garage door?

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Patrice, I'm taking the liberty to copy the HTML code for this photo so everyone can see the garage door here.

Now. I'm assuming you will keep the same door. I think that the square framing which is like large lattice strips, will stay. I think that could be painted in the black like your shutters. In fact, mounting a wide and tall shutter on each side of the door would look pretty good too, in place of the shakes that are there now. Mounting a light fixture on each of the shutters would work as well. Those shutters could be raised panels instead of louvered panels, to make such a job easier. Painting the area beneath the soffit and inside the squares would depend on the other two colors you select for your color pallette. I think the same color for both would work, but you must be the judge of that.

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When I look at the shutters on the right gable, I think the middle two shutters are too close together. If you have enough stone to fill in that area, it might look better. It might even be interesting to do three windows there instead of two with shutters that are somehow "off." Just kicking around some ideas. I do like shutters and added them to my old ranch. Looking forward to seeing all your new stone.

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I think mary is right. I was also thinking of brick, since the brick and stone combo is so popular right now and you already have the stone.

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Patrice, I know I have seen a house like yours in a magazine. It was probably BH&G in a house facelift type article. I've been looking and can't find it. But I did find this, which is somewhat similar to yours.

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Moccassinlanding - The plan is to surround the garage door on all 3 sides with matching stone and add new lights and an address stone centered above the garage door. Eventually, I'd like to have a new mission style door with windows but we may end up just painting this one until DH and I agree on something.

Mary52 - The area between the shutters is a wall between our bedrooms so I can't put a window there. I think w/o shutters the windows look small and oddly spaced on the wall.

Marti8a - Haven't seen any brick/stone combos. I'll have to check that out. Love the picture - I wish my house looked like that!

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patrice, I think your house looks marvelous as is, I'm sure it will be even better though when you're done!

I think everyone's had really nice ideas for the house, my thought whenever I see a U shaped ranch is that they should be designed to have a kind of "courtyard" in the U. There is one on our street similar to yours but all brick with a darling little picket fence (short) creating a little semi-private courtyard. Depending on your style you could do a cobblestone floor out there perhaps with a short, decorative iron fence with a gate...ahhhh just dreaming :)

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enigmaquandry -

Thanks for you kind words but the cedar shakes are really past their prime and after 25 years here I'm ready for a change. (and also past my prime lol) I do enjoy the entry garden but I want it visible from the street. I'm thinking of adding a stone bench where the Japanese maple is in the picture. (the maple sustained heavy snow damage and I don't think it's going to last the summer) I also have a fountain in there that doesn't show in this picture. I'll start planning the new landscaping once the exterior is done.

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