Annual Ornament Is Done

pezabelleDecember 11, 2010

This years orney is a pocket shaped Santa to go along with last years Gingerbread face. Next year might be the snowman, but then again that is a year off and I have been know to change my mind.


PS...don't know about any of you, but I had one whale of a time logging in........

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Your ornament is really cute. I haven't been around for very long so I am still learning. If you are coming up with an ornament every year, that is a neat idea.

I also had trouble logging in. I found that if I logged in and then went to the home page and clicked on the subject I wanted, I was logged in and could post a message.


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Very cute santa, Belle. Did you get them all painted? How many was it you said you were doing? I think that is such a neat traditon you started. ;o)


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Sweeet Santas, Belle. Your family must love you and all your ornies you come up with for them. So happy you have finished these and can move forward with whatever else you want to get done before Christmas.


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Sooo Cute!! Everyone will love them. I had no problem logging in. Still working on things for Christmas, one more week then I am shutting down for the year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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This should have been a fun one, but picked up the wrong color for the face and had to re-base all and there were 30 this year.

I'm now finishing up 1 of 6 panels for the window frame DH made several years ago. This is a snowman, won't get them all done before Christmas, but will have them for next year.

Thank You All for the kind words!


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Really cute!

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I agree! The Santas are really cute. What a great idea for annual ornaments! A wonderful tradition.

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