Going off the wheels on a crazy train....

doodlebooApril 13, 2009

It's official, Biomom is the lead conductor on the Bio-Polar Express........

Got a phone call saturday from a friend of Bio Mom's. She had called him freaking out wanting him to come pick her up from the jerks house. The friend made the almost FIVE HOUR DRIVE to get her. When he got there she was totally strung out to the point where he took her to the hospital. Another near overdose. They shipped her back off to a mental institution. It's the same place she was LAST Easter when she tried to OD on pills.

She gave him the places phone number to relay to us. She wanted to talk to the girls. Even this man who is HER friend said he doesn't think it would be a good idea for the girls to call. He said she was in "pretty bad shape" and he was only "passing along the message".

What is with this woman?! She has people driving five hours to rescue her ass every other weekend now. This is the SECOND time she's been put in the hospital in the last three weeks.

We get a text Sunday from the A-Hole saying, and I quote "A____ is in the hospital. That's why she is unable to be with her her girls this weekend." Notice he made a point to say "HER girls".

I send one back saying "Same thing as last year. She was in the hospital last Easter as well." He probably didn't even know this since he wasn't on the scene back then.

His reply was "That's the life of mentally ill people. Sorry." SORRY! Don't tell me SORRY!!!!

I sent a text back saying "Don't tell me sorry...tell her kids. Sympathy for anyone else including her is unfounded. By the way, we knew where she was already."

His final reply "Cool. Well ya'll have a good weekend. I'll talk atcha later." That last part was his way of letting us know he isn't going anywhere and planes to make this HIS business.

I just let it go. Bottom line she ain't seeing them anymore till a judge tell's us she can. Since she can't afford a lawyer and she's already in the middle of a court battle...that won't be no time soon. I'm thinking about changing my number too. I don't like that guy being able to contact me for anything.

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Document, document, document.

What a trainwreck that woman is. It's SAD, really. This is NOT to say that ANY of this is on you, or that it's your responsibility to "feel sorry" for her. But truly, she is a sick, sad woman, and I would honestly be surprised if she is alive this time next year. I know that sounds awful but it's true.

Thank God those girls have you and J.

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Wow, I am so sorry for you and the girls. Makes you wonder how people get from point A to B. At some time she must have been better having had the girls but now look at her. What a waste.

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Oh for $h!t's sake. Enough is enough! you need to get those texts, and everything else, in front of a judge ASAP and have all her parental rights terminated. And yes Doodle, change your number! I don't like him contacting you. BM has J's number - that is all that is needed. Are you all moved yet? Is there any chance of BM or freak job finding out where you live now?

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So the friend of BM's called us back and she has already sighned herself out of the mental ward. The freak job (hahaha Martha) drove all the way here to get her. I assume he had a friend drive him to get her because he doesn't have a license for whatever reason.

The friend is the guy who sighned the loan for her car she's been driving for the past three years. He got fired from a management position where they were employees together for sighning a loan for a subordinate. She ruins EVERYONES lives! I think I've mentioned that before.

Anyway, he has taken the car from her. He doesn't want to be responsible if she gets in a wreck and kills someone under the influence. The car was in his name so he took it back. Now BM is carless.

He also told J he got the impression that they are starting up a Meth lab together. I don't know what was said that gave him that impression but BM is really dumb and would blurt something like that out. I imagine he had his good reasons for thinking that was the plan. I'm going to alert the police in the area that they live in so they can be watched. This woman hasn't even gotten off the hook from one drug felony and shes's already setting herself up for another. Unreal.

J alerted the school that they may be in town and reminded them that she is on the DO NOT pick up list. They are to call immediatly if they show up at the school. As soon as we get moved in and settled we are going to court with or without a lawyer.

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This lady is insane! But I guess drugs do that. She is too dangerous to be around the girls! Is it bad that I hope she does start a meth lab and gets caught and locked up for a long time??

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"J alerted the school that they may be in town and reminded them that she is on the DO NOT pick up list. They are to call immediatly if they show up at the school"

Doodle, what is the current, filed-in-court custody arrangement?

I am really worried here that the police's hands would be tied IF BM did show up at school. If there is ANY sort of custody agreement filed with the court, the police HAVE to abide by that. So if BM showed up at school on *her day* and the police were called, truly, unless she were drunk/strung out, they would NOT be able to do anything and actually might HAVE to let the girls go with her.

When we had to have BM taken away from our house the other night, the cops actually ASKED me whose custodial night it was. Honestly--they were considering letting BM's MOM come pick SS up and take him to BM's house because "it was BM's custodial night." Only after I talked to the officers and after they evaluated her and realized how intoxicated she was did they decide that she was NOT in any shape to have her child that night, and they said SS would be staying with me. But seriously---the first thing they said to me was "whose night is it?" Thank GOD BM was WASTED because that was what made the officers decide that SS could stay with me.

You have GOT to get into court and get some sort of protective order for those girls, or an emergency hearing.

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Mom2- I hope she gets busted as well for her own good. She's gonna wind up dead.

Love-They have joint but she hasn't gotten them on her days since February of last year. Even then it was more or less her dumping them whenever she felt like it. I doubt she even remembers when her days technically are!

We spoke to a lawyer and a local detective and they both said that as long as the parent who the child resides with (regardless of custody) refuses to let the child go there is no cop in Georgia who can force the custodial parent to release that child....even to the other parent.

J can be to the school in three seconds if necessary. He has her down as do not pick up and the school realizes it is their mother. No questions were asked. They didn't ask for any paperwork. If A______ was dumb enough to call the cops (which she won't) theschool would call and J could beat the cops to the school and then refuse to let her take them. All the police would be able to do is ask whoes day it is and "suggest" he let her take them and if he refuses her only option would be to take him to court. This I KNOW she won't do because there is no way in friggin HELL any judge would award her custody right now. Court is the LAST place she wants to end up. All a police officer can do is keep peace between the parents and make sure it doesn't turn physical. A cop will not touch custody or visitation issues. They refer you to the courts. I have seen bitter nasty ex wives use this tactic for no real reason except to be ugly to their ex. Even in those non-dangerous situations the police couldn't force her to release the child to her father.

I am going to suggest that he looks into the emergency hearing. We have to be out of the apartment by friday so that has to get done first. After that we are going to tackle this head first. We need to cut her off as much as possible and she really needs any visits she DOES have to be supervised.

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I just thaought of this also. In your screwed up BM's case it was bio parent vs. step paren. I wonder if your husband had been there if they would of even CONSIDERED sending SS with BM.

That worries me as well. I worry that if the cops show up when it is only me at the house and I have no way to get in touch with J they may make me release the girls to her since I am only the step parent. One more reason why he's fixing to go to court lawyerless if he has to.

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