What do you think of this island hood?

ontariomomMay 25, 2014

Hi all,

We have gathered quite a few quotes on custom island hoods, and are thinking the $5000.00 cost of one from Modern-aire and the like is more than we want to spend. I prefer the look of a powder coated painted one to steel. The one below is steel, but it seems we can get it powder coated a colour locally (we do have to sand down the finish first). My questions are the following:

1)Does the fan linked below, look like it will work well and reasonably quietly for a 30 inch induction cook top? Has anyone ordered a hood from this British Columbia, Canada company?

2)Do you agree that we will have success getting the fan powder coated locally? The powder coat paint supplier is right in our small town (Tiger Drylec) and is willing to supply small quantity of paint to the powder coat painter.

3)Are we best to stick with white (our perimeter cabinets are off white, and the island is to be a dark brown stain). The counters are a quartz (Bianco Drift, Ceasarstone) which has cream, grey and white colours.. I was initially thinking of a grey blue colour hood so the fan would be a feature, but am not sure if white might be better.

Thanks in advance!


Here is a link that might be useful: island hood

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Sophie Wheeler

It has a 6'' round duct. You want one that uses at least an 8'' duct. That renders it's noise rating as highly suspect as trying to suck that much air throught that small of a duct is going to be noisy. It's a questionable import quality. Notice that it doesn't say XXX stainless steel. It merely says it's stainless steel colored. Crappy import ''stainless'' can be full of impurities and rust.

Look for something else with better specs that isn't an import.

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Thanks hollysprings for your wisdom. The spes said it needed a 8 inch round duct. As per your read of the stainless specs I am perplexed. The description says: "Heavy duty 19 gauge 304 (18/8 - 1mm) stainless steel (brushed finish)" and "Full seamless stainless steel construction." Please direct me to where it refers to "stainless steel colored".

I do see that it is an import, from China I believe. It is not Modern-aire quality and you do get what you pay for.


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Anyone else have an opinion on the island hood I linked in my opening post? The specs look good enough to me. It is not top of the line, I realize, but is it not good enough? The Canadian company that sells this hoods gets rave reviews on homestars (on line rating of companies).

Also, any thoughts on the idea of getting it powder coated after we receive it (we will need to sand it down first so the paint sticks we have been told)?


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Looks like a 8" duct to me, and also it does say that it is made with 304 stainless....most common of stainless steel

For powder coating you need to make sure your guy has worked with SS before....make sure that he uses a pretreat of iron phosphate with fluoride to make sure that the bond is good....

I would not think that you would need to do any prep work before your powder coat guy gets it...let him do it all, he is the expert...and more important if there is a problem with the finish he can not turn around and blame you

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Thanks ajc71 for your help -- It is good to know about the pre-treating using iron phosphate with fluoride you described. Good info!

The shop where the vent would be powder painted is a smaller powder paint shop (the big ones are not interested in the smaller jobs). We will ensure they have worked with stainless steel. The painter expressed concerned over the brushed stainless finish and how it might stick to the paint. The vent on-line store had the same concern. They both concluded that if it was sanded the paint would adhere. The vent shop has offered to sand it for us.


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Have you looked at the Costco island hoods? For reviews, check out both the Canadian and US sites.

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Ontario mom - also verify if you need make up air in Canada. Most northern US cities require it - so might be worth checking in advance.

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Opt for the LED lights. They will last much longer and use less energy.

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