What Color Cabinets?

11thirtyMay 2, 2013

I just bought a townhouse that has oak hardwood floors already intalled in the kitchen. The color is ok, I can live with it, but I'm finding it difficult deciding on a shade of cabinets to purchase that would match these floors. I was dead set on white until I realized the downside (paint chips and thermofoil can yellow), so now I'm trying to decide on a shade of wood that would match or coordinate with the floors. One other caveat is that it's a typical 10x11 kitchen and is kind of dark, though I love and prefer dark cabinets. I can do the light/natural too, but not sure if it would look right. What to do? I don't want to tear out the flooring.

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You don't need to match the color of the floor. There can and should be some contrast in your overall color scheme.

We are having our floors refinished to will be a light brown tone and our cherry cabinets that we ordered are a reddish brown.

If you can, find a sample of your floor color (check at Lowes or HD for sample flooring pieces) and take it with you when looking at cabinets. Also take a sample of the counter top materials that you are considering.

If the room is a bit dark, you can still do darker cabinets, but go with a lighter counter, backsplash and wall color to brighten things up.

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I think if you prefer dark cabinets you should get them or you will never be happy or satisfied. You can temper the dark cabinets with a light counter and backsplash or the same medium golden tones from the floor would pull it together. If you really want light cabinets--how about natural maple. Or , you could do dark cabinets on the bottom and white on top, where chipping wouldnt be as much of a problem, again using the golden tones of the floor in the counter and b/s to tie it all together. Go to Houzz to look at pictures of kitchens with medium oak floors--that may give you some direction as well.

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You can go with darker cabinets without being really dark. This is a stain called Brandywine which is either the dark end of medium or the light end of dark.

On the other hand, I'm not convinced that good quality cabinets with a good white finish would be a mistake. Have you gone back and read the 50M threads on white cabinets? I don't recall any weeping and wailing complaints about chips, although, clearly, it can happen. If you have a toddler who rides wheeled toys indoors, that could be a factor. Maybe worth another thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: Does anyone regret their white cabinets?

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