This plate has no please

jade.dDecember 4, 2007

I was in a craft store and saw a beautiful plate which had a poem on in that said something like "this plate has no owner, it travels from home to, etc" and am looking for the wording as I would love to make one. TIA

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I like it!! I googled...

poem plate no owner

and came across this for you at

Here is the 'Friends and Family Plate' poem you were wanting...

This plate shall have no owner for its journey never ends. It travels in the circle of our family and our friends.

It carries love from home to home for everyone to share. The food that's placed upon it is filled with love and care.

So please enjoy what's on this plate, then fill it up again, and pass along the love it holds to family and your friends.


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That's it...thanks

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OMG this sounds so cute, could you please post agine when you make yours and tell me how you did it, I love the one given to your child when they make you grandparents! such a beautiful poem.

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