What cabinet color with shiny black appliances?

olesyaMay 7, 2010


We purchased the new "shiny" black appliances (mirror finish, not the "knubbly" type, basically looks like car finish), and I would like to repaint our kitchen cabinets, which are currently of the old golden oak variety. If anyone has shiny black appliances, I would LOVE to see your pictures!

Thank you!!

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Well, I think the golden oak scrubed and shined up, or maybe revarnished would look great with shiny black.

If you're going to paint you'll need to remove the varnish, sand and fill/prime them correctly so that the grain doesn't come through.

What style do you like? You could do glossy white for a classic style. Bubblegum pink for a retro, jazzy look. A soft blue or green for a cool look. Red lacquer would give you a hot, club vibe. Blue lacquer would lean more to the Italian. Black and white concentric squares would be op art and very cool, though probably a bit dizzying.

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Try Googling "kitchens black appliances" (look at Images) for a lot of ideas. I think this linked one is spectacular.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That picture just about blew my mind! I do a lot of research and love google images!!
Our house is traditional-tuscan style, the colors are brown, butterscotch, sage green and some golds. Currently the kitchen is painted Behr Butter Cookie, but that can be changed. I think glossy white would be too stark, but I do like the creamy french-vanilla colors. DH prefers to see the wood grain in the cabinets, but since we're not updating the cabinets in this house (first house, will probably move within 6 years), I'd like to just repaint them and call it a day!

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I have shiny black appliances with cinnamon oak.

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I've been studying color combinations for awhile now. I love the soft grey/taupe color. Jim Bishop makes a beautiful taupe cabinet that I think I'm going to use in my kitchen with black cabinents. I like getting away from the standard whites and warm wood colors, so I'm using a soft version of the taupe.

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New Appliances!! Goody.
I think black is one of those colors that goes with
everything. Think the little black dress, black eyed peas,
(the musical group), black porche, black eyeliner,
and yes black appliances. Look below at all the different
options. You can have a warm color, cool wood tone,
white or black painted cabinets or even a chocolate stain.

Now the oak is tough to paint but if you read up and
plan you can do it. Gel stain is nice option too.
Meanwhile here are some ideas.

Kitchen View towards window

Erik Schjeide Custom woodworking

Mission style copper hood

Kithcen Clarity

The Before from Duration painting company

After painted white by Duration Painting Company

Crown Point shaker cabinets

Kitchen Ideas curved counters

Tuscany Woodwork

Here is a link that might be useful: gel stain Garden Web

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Circus Peanut

It may be more work, because you'd have to sand the cabinets, but you could consider using a dye stain that would compromise both your desires and give you both color and wood grain. It gives you color but allows the natural wood to shine through.
water-based Dye Stains

Alternatively, a gel stain also works if you are going darker (much darker) and want less prep time. In my experience, avoid the Minwax products and find General Finishes gel stain at a local woodworking store (Rockler or Woodcraft, etc) -- about the same price and much better results.

(I know I sound like a shill for General Finishes here, but I promise I'm just a regular gardenwebber with lots of woodworking under my belt!)

Here is a link that might be useful: GF Gel Stains

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