New (hi!), question about crash glass project

meems_ncMarch 30, 2009

Hi , I have never posted in this forum but have read through quite a few posts over the last few days, gotten some really great ideas and learned quite a bit. Thanks :)

I have a few questions about an old project I started a few years ago but lost interest in and have now decided it's time to either finish it up or get rid of it and free up some space in the garage! I have a couple questions and I'm hoping someone may be able to help or point me in the direction of buried information in previous posts I haven't come across yet.

I made a big cement sphere using a yoga ball as a mold and have begun coating the outside with crash glass. The spaces I've left btw. the chunks of glass seem pretty narrow to grout. The edges of the glass also seem very sharp. I'm a little scared to try grouting - it seems like I'll shred my fingers for sure! Can/should I grind the edges in some way before grouting?

I have more questions too, but I guess I'll start with this. Thanks so much for reading and for any input you may have!


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When I used TG, the edges weren't sharp. Did you use the tempered glass from car windows? To save your hands, get the rubber palmed garden gloves to grout. I want to prepare a yoga ball too, but it isn't high on my priority lise yet. Show us pictures of your WIP, please.

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Another thing you can do is get one of those noodles that the kids swim on and cut it up and use it to spread your grout.It realy dose help easy to use then just through it away.

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