Merry Christmas

pezabelleDecember 23, 2009


As I sit here before starting the last batch of cookies, I am thinking back over the last year and how much this forum has enriched my life.

Everyone here is so very supportive and generous in their comments and advice, you all give me a special pleasure in my work.

My wish to all of you is for the very best for the remainder of this year and for all of 2010 and keep that brush working and your fingers typing.


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Thanks for the good wishes Belle, and right back at you!

I too really enjoy our little group here, and love seeing everyone's projects and hearing what's going on in their lives.

This is such a wonderful, pleasant place to start off the day, and helps keep me motivated to work on a new project.

Hugs to each of you.


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Hope all had a wonderful Christmas. Now it's time to gear up for the New Year! I didn't even think to ask the kids what everyone would like to do. Have any of you made plans for New Years yet? If so, what will you be doing?

I usually wait until after New Years to take down decorations from Christamas but will have to see how I feel today and tomorrow. I might just get busy and getter done. One doesn't always have two days to work on it. What are the plans for taking down decorations for all of you?


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Punk, I usually leave mine up until New Year's Day. They look so pretty, and I'm not ready to deal with putting it all away just yet. Will just see when the "mood" hits me.

I do know my house is looking cluttered from all the presents and cooking and such. I need to get busy tomorrow and start putting things back in order.

I've got to go by some wood so I can get back to working on some projects soon.


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Back at you girls. We don't take our tree down until after Three Kings Day - 6 January. We celebrate again on that day. Now that I am retired I take my time putting things away and trying to organize the house. I decided not to go shopping today, there just isn't anything I need especially Christmas items. I didn't put out 25% of my stuff this year.

Do any of you every forget things? I have been so absent minded lately I forgot how to make a pie that I have been making for 20 years, I had to look up the recipe on the net. And I put dishes on the table for my party several weeks ago and completely forgot to add the decorations - and the decorations were in the bedroom waiting to be taken out of the box. I forgot to buy a present for my friend - and I forgot the ornaments for my sisters. The doctor told my husband this is very common as we age - dang, I hate getting old.

Not only do we lose parts of our memory but our bodies betray us with pain!! After cooking and setting up for Christmas Eve dinner, I was so sore that evening I ached just getting up from the sofa, and the bottom of my feet were so sore!! Things were so different just 10 years ago, I had so much more energy. Dang, I hate getting old.

Oh, that's another thing, we start to repeat ourselves - sorry.

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Talk about forgetting! I forgot how to make the families favorite fruit punch, have been making it for 25 or so years. Kind of made a try and only my SIL said I guess if it tastes good it's OK. I attribute not remembering things to having to much to remember. Life is so much busier now than say 10 years ago, so...more to remember and therefor more to forget! But I can't help you on the sore bones and aching feet, I have then too and if I could fix mine I sure would pass the fix along.

I usually remove our decorations the day after New Years, by then I am into thinking about Valentines Day and SPRING, which is still a couple of months away, but I can think Spring!

We very rarely do anything on N Y eve, that half hour drive home just doesn't seem so much fun anymore and after seeing so many of them (N Y eve's) they just didn't seem so important that I need to celebrate, and it means I am closer to being another year older and who wants that!


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I too hope you all had a happy holiday and best wishes for the coming year.

I stay home on New Years but my plan for the COMING New year is I am going to have to paint like there is no tomorrow! Now that I have reserved a table for a bazaar next Fall I'm really going to have to kick it into gear. I haven't done a bazaar in many years but I figured it was time to move some of my surface stash that is just collecting dust.

I'll probably put my decorations away by the end of the week. I didn't put that much out this year so it should be easy.

Do any of you ever forget things?....all the time. My memory sure isn't what it used to be. lol

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LOL, you are all sure making me feel better! I went to make a pie that I've made for over 40 years and couldn't remember where I had put the recipe card! Was nearly in a panic, then remembered that I had copied it into a notebook for "just in case"--I never did find the original recipe card!

And yes, a few hours of being on my feet cooking a meal or making goodies has them aching and my whole body feeling tired. I'm telling myself that it is not old age, but the extra weight I've packed on these last couple of years--hope to remedy that by joining Weight Watcher's--again! Wish me luck and lots of perseverance--I hate dieting!


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Good to hear from all of you.

Bebe, Forgetful, tired, achy, repeat ourself, we have all this and more to be thankful for??? Life is a kick and we never know from day to day do we? I have been having alot of pain in my hips and back that I didn't have months ago.

Belle, we haven't gone out for NYE for so many years. It's to cold even with alcohol added. When I get off work on NYE it's like a big Sigh that I have the next day off. I know all work and no play makes Punk a dull girl and that fits me just fine!!! I'll leave the partying and headach the next day for others to enjoy. I do love Captain Morgan and coke but would be an alcoholic if I replaced my tea with it.LOL

I'm still packing Christmas away and I didn't put out nearly what I normally do either. However, it's a good thing I'm getting it put back cuz the dust was sure building!

Sounds like we may have some projects coming our way. I hope you share all of your projects as you complete them for your craft show this fall.

I'm so excited to see some more painted projects. I can't seem to get in the mood but I finally found some Matt finish sooooo..... that may help give me that big push I need.

Luvs, I believe WW does work but I also believe if one just walks more and eats less, it will do the same. I just finished a piece of apple pie with topping. Guess I need to go out to the shop and go UP STAIRS and bring in more totes.

Anj, are you there? Slow down and take it easy. And CC where have you went? Who else is MIA from our forum here? Thanks for the fun all and I hope you all make a New Years Wish and it comes true. Punk

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