What to charge for a custom mosaic

toomuchglassMarch 6, 2012

Ohhhhhh.... I got myself into a bind . A friend from another forum loved my mosaiced clydesdale so much - she asked me if I would make a custom mosaic of her husband's Harley. When she first asked , I said I would have no idea what to charge . She looked around the internet and said she saw similar things between $300 - $500 . I don't know how to take her reply --- I can afford that big amount , or because were friends , do I get a "friend discount" ? We haven't talked details yet or size .... I'm dreading the email when she has all her pictures ready to send me. Gulp. I'm sure she wants a price up front , not wait to see how long it takes me. Any advice ?

***** I've never sold anything this expensive - I have to quit feeling guilty !

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What will the dimensions be? A Harley will be a lot of work. If you make it realistic, it will be a lot more work than a Clydesdale, because when you paint or mosaic an animal, you don't have to be so precise; every little bit of fur or hair is not exactly perfect, but the spokes in the tires of a motorcycle are precise (for example) ... I feel for you; pricing is the most difficult thing to do. But $300 - $500 is not expensive; it probably should be more than that.

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I feel the same...I think for that kind of detail I wud charge more...I see a very long work time in yur future...dont feel quilty, yur work is 1st class!!

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your work is definitely worth more than that.

For a starting point I'd go with:

Figuring $10/hr is for unskilled labor -- your labor is skilled so increase that figure. Include your time driving around and shopping. Then add 2-3 x markup on all materials

You will quickly exceed the high end of the estimate.

I bet you a dollar that if you ask for examples of $300-500 projects they either will be an inferior quality or more probably don't exist.

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If they offered to pay it-take it! I understand how you feel, I feel the same way. But your work is excellent quality and they asked you. so go for it!

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I'd even have to MAKE the frame .... ugh . Thanks for your kind words about my work :) Maybe when we talk , the first thing I should say is "Can you Afford me?" -- that'll break the ice ~~LOL ( and give a little hint that I'm not cheap )

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In my opinion, a true friend would never suggest a price and/or ask for a discount. They would go to you because it would be more special coming from you. They would give you specifics on what they want, ask what you might charge for something like that. Only after you give them a price would they determine whether or not they can afford it. If you offered a discount, I would take it, sure, but I really think it's rude of her to suggest it up front or to throw out numbers she's expecting to start with.

That's just my opinion, coming from someone who has had one or two "friends" in my lifetime take advantage of my friendship. It never ends up good!

I think that price sounds really cheap for the work you do. My advice is if you come up with a figure, make sure it's one you feel good about, not one you feel pressured to provide. Or, like you said, you could insinuate up front that a piece like she's suggesting would be significantly more than the price she quoted, even after the "friend discount", and leave it at that.

My sister is an artist and paints on canvas for a living. It's her only source of income. I asked to purchase a couple of her pieces, not because I was looking for a discount but because I was decorating a new house and thought it would be special to have something she made. She gave me a great discount off the price she'd posted on her website, but I didn't ask for it up front, I simply accepted it when she offered. That's how I handled a similar situation, and that was with my SISTER! LOL

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