Santa similar to paintingfool's

caliroseDecember 9, 2008

I 'borrowed' your Santa to make gifts for friends. I painted them on snowflakes. I still have some trim work to do (as you will notice in the pic)

Untitled Album

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How lucky your friends are! Really great Santa! Did you use the large or smaller snowflakes? Either way - great job.

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Thanks. They are 10 inches in diameter, the center is about 5 1/4 in. across.

Paintingfool used the pattern in her class, so I didn't think she would mind me using it. (do you?) Her pic is in July 08 conversations, but I didn't know how to link it here.

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Hey are you doing?

Love your Santa man. You did a great job on him. Wonderful work on his face. I especially like his breath. Your friends are gonna love him. =) ~Anj

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I love it!! I actually borrowed it from an idea of Shirley Wilson. I just changed it to my liking. You did a great job. I just finished another Santa with a snowman but haven't figured out how to get it on my new computer.

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Looks really nice, I am sure PF is flattered that you liked her santa enough to try it yourself. My favorite thing on this one is the breath--just so neat. Luvs

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I have PF to thank for the image; and I thank you all for the compliments!!

I am trying to get back into painting more decorative paintings. I do stop by to admire the work you all do!!

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Calirose, Your remake turned out great. Like the idea of putting it on a snowflake. I also painted a couple of these and posted over on the gallery. It was a cute santa and I also had to try it. Funny that we posted so close together. lol

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Phonegirl, I saw your Santa in the gallery. Great job!

The painters on this forum are so inspirational!!

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