Merry Christmas!

luvstocraftDecember 24, 2007

Not sure how busy things will get today and tomorrow, so I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone who visits here a very Merry Christmas.

I have so enjoyed seeing everyone's projects this year, and so appreciate the talent, creativity and personality of each one of you.


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Thank you and a little late Merry Christmas to you! Ours was really good. Lots of good food and all the kids got "exactly what they wanted" so it turned out to be a good day. I was going to do a glass block light for each of my SIL's, but you know I've been sick and just didn't ever feel like doing them. So I thought, why not just let them do it themselves and it will give them something to do to keep us entertained while the kids are playing. They LOVED doing them and now they want us to come up with a craft for every holiday for us to do together. I think I've started a new tradition. ha

My SIL and DM are off work this week and want me to take them to the TS's. May have some new shopping buddies for a few days at least, and it looks like none of us have the same tastes so maybe we won't be fighting over anything. ha I wanted DH to watch the kids, but I think he's going ice fishing with his buddy tomorrow so we may end up going another day. I'll be painting if he does go. I'm just itching to get a new project finished. ha

Anyway, hope you had a wonderful day with your family and got to see your GD enjoy it all. My 3yr old was soooo excited that "HoHo" came. She was opening presents and my Dad asked her if she was having a good Christmas. She looked around at her presents and shook her head no. I told them to give her the big present in the back. She opened it and was doing a little twirling happy dance!! She got her shoppy thing!! ha Then she told my Dad, "Yes, I have a good Christmas!" ha She then proceeded to load all her toys into the shopping cart and has been pushing them around all over the house. We've been calling her the bag lady. ha It was so fun watching her and listening to her little comments. I'm sure it was the same for yours. Let me know how your day went! :) ~Anj

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By all means a belated Merry Merry to all and a premature Happy Happy too.

Anj, I'm sorry you've been sick and hope you're soon feeling much better. I absolutely loved reading about the kids and their crafts (great idea!) and about your little three y.o. doll. Too cute! My kids are all grown up and my only grandchild is four states away. I brought over a gift for the little girl next door, though. Her mom and grandpa showed up later at my door with homemade apple butter -- yum! I got lovely time with my son, and a phone call and IM-ing with my daughter. I'll hear from my granddaughter tomorrow.

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How fun about the "shoppy thing". They totally expect Santa to bring what they ask for, don't they? Maybe we shouldn't emphasize those letters quite so much! LOL

My little one's request was a table and chairs and a white puppy. She got a really cute table and chairs AND a battery operated brown and white puppy that moves and barks when you touch him. Thought that was pretty good thinking on my DIL's part since they really don't want a real one! She seemed quite happy with it.

It is just so much more fun having a little one around, they sort of bring back the magic of it for all of us, don't they?

Hope you get to go shopping and find some good things to paint on. I'm looking forward to some painting time now too if I can just get rid of this cold. ;o(

Oceana, I exchange small gifts with four of my neighbors, and they always bring something for my granddaughter because she is over here every week and always talks to them. Everyone enjoys having a little one in the neighborhood, especially when their's are not close by I think.

Better get moving. I'll catch you later.


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