Redone Santa....

sweets98December 21, 2007

Just thought I would share my Santa! I'm finally enjoying this guy.(You pull the string and his arms and legs jump.) I found him at the Thrift Store 2 or 3 years ago for a quarter. Some child had painted him so he was just red and I felt bad that someone just dumped him so I scooped him up and brought him home and started painting him, only to get overwhelmed with the other Christmas stuff and ended up packing him up not quite finished. I think I got him out to do again last year or maybe it was the year before that, only to end up packing him back up again! LOL I finally sat down and worked on the detail this year and I LOVE him! (Dang...I just realized I still haven't painted the poor guys lips! LOL) DS broke Santa last week. He was yanking on the freezer door, trying to decide what to eat and Santa hit the floor and fell apart but DH fixed him :)

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Well, you did a good job putting Santa together again. I love rescued items, then redoing them. Great job again.

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Thanks. I have three other things to work on that I picked up this week from the thrift store. Their Christmas stuff was half priced so I got things for $1 and under to paint. My favorite section is the aisle with all the wooden items at the thrift store. I buy stools, boxes, candlesticks, cutting boards...whatever and paint them. :)

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Sweets, my computer is fixed so I can finally tell you how cute your Santa turned out.

I too always look at the wooden item when at the TS trying to see if I can redo them and make them cute again. I've even tried to create my own design on some wooden cutouts from time to time--I know you are really good at doing that.


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Hi Leslie... I've been real sick the past week so have only been here hit and miss. I love to re-do TS finds! That's where I get most of the things I paint on. This guy has been thru a lot and still you've got him looking great. ha I love how you did the swirls on his coat, hat and pants cuffs. I have quite a few of those projects that linger from one year to the next. ha Know it must feel good to finally get him done so ya'll can enjoy him. ~Anj

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What a cute little guy and you fixed him up real good.

Hi Luvs,glad to see your putor is working again!! Isn't it the pits when the things we depend on break down.Makes me wonder what i did before i ever had one.LOL

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Hi Kathi, good to be back. It sure was hard not being able to reply to anyone's post. I can't even remember what I used to do before the computer. Now I have to be on here during my morning coffee then again in the evening before bedtime. LOL

I think all of us have lots of projects waiting to be finished. I have an old window to fix up and paint on, a plant holder to get painted for my cups and saucers, an old fan blade to turn into a big sunflower for the yard, an old ironing board to repair then get painted--the list goes on and on.

So nice to be able to chat with all of you who share similar interests. I just love to sign on here and see all your projects. Happy thrifting and creating to all of you. And here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy, productive, fun New Year too.


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