100% Fat Free, By Nancy Long...

sandkatDecember 23, 2001

I was reading through some of the older posts, and read the thread regarding the book in this message title, well, I searched for a preview of the book , to see what the fuss was all about, found the auction for the book on eBay, and ABSOLUTELY fell in love with it. Well now, I, too must have it. ;-) Only problem is, the bidding is up to 25 bucks for the book, which is NOT in my budget, so what to do? Does anyone have this book for sale for a reasonable price?? Or maybe someone can help me get copies of the patterns??



Here is a link that might be useful: eBay auction: pics

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Did you check the Artists Club and Homecraft to see if they have the book. Or you can do a search for the publisher and contact them or the author and contact them. Many times they will have out of stock books on hand. I have done this in the past.
Patti B

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Unfortunately Artists Club does not have the book any more. I bought mine from them a few years ago and I haven't seen it since. I also happen to know that HomeCraft doesn't have it either.

That's one reason I regularly scan Artists Club's bargain book list. I think I paid like a $1.49 for that book when I bought it. Some of the books people have searched for over the last few months (another one was Cozy Cookies)I bought for pennies over the last few years just because I scanned that bargain book list. If you are a book nut like myself, it pays to scan book lists regularly to see what's available.

Good luck in finding the book. If it helps, it was published by Special Welcomes Publications, 8513 NE 161st Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98682. (360) 260-9627 FAX:(360) 883-6741.

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