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Sandi_WDecember 18, 2007

I just heard from Luvs and she is having computer problems. She is able to read everyone's posts, but can't reply. She wanted to let everyone know that she is doing fine and enjoying everyone's pictures & ideas and hopefully will have her computer working right again soon.

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I had that problem last week so I know how frustrating that is. Thanks for the heads up Sandi! And if you read this Luvs......we'll miss ya! ~Anj

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Been wondering about you luvs! glad to hear you are okay and can read our post! I had some problems posting awhile back but didnt last long and thought it had something to do with this site
Hurry back you are missed!

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Sorry to hear you're having troubles! I wondered where you got to but just figured you were busy with the holidays.

This may be silly but have you tried logging out and back in to THS? Have you cleaned out your temp files and cookies on your comptuer? Those few things usually take care of problems.

Hope you get back to posting soon!


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