My window/painting for the bathroom!

sweets98December 21, 2007

I have had this plan to use a window and do some sort of painting, stitchery or SOMETHING in the window to put in my bathroom for quite some time. I found the windows out with the trash just down the road from my house in the spring. Then I had to come up with what I wanted to do and finally settled on painting something on MDF and attaching to the back of the window. Then I had to decide what to paint.

I got to business back in about October. The painting was finished within a few days butit's taken this long to get DH to cut the MDF down so it would fit in the window. I started to do it myself two weeks ago and my jig saw just died on me halfway in and I'm not really familar with DH's saws so I was stuck waiting again. He finally cut it down on Sunday! YIPEE! Then I attached the MDF to the window and realized I needed DH's help again because the window was pretty heavy and I wasn't sure if the my regular old way of hanging things would work too well with our paneling (we live in a mobile home). So the picture sat yet again until DH FINALLY got around to hanging it last night! YEAH!

So it's a little higher than I wanted it to be but I'm so happy to finally see it up there!

I took pictures as I went sort of...

When I first painted the basic pieces...

Later with the details finished and background painted...

Painting in window....after rubbing stain in background for shading and some distressing of the window frame...

Bigger picture....

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sweets~~~~~love it!!!!! Nice job on the painting!!
Hmmm......maybe I'll haft do one for my bathroom!!!

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This is so cute!! Glass is not my favorite surface to paint on but you made it look so easy. Great job.

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Thanks, guys. This was a huge work in progress for me and I wasn't sure about it the whole time. I just don't appreciate what I can do. I think others are just being nice to me when they say my work is nice. I have to get past that....

I didn't paint on the glass. I wasn't sure about that and this way I figured if I got tired of the picture, I could change it out! I bought a small piece of MDF from Lowe's for under $3 and painted on that and then attached it to the window with brads :) So the window is basically just the frame for my picture.

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Sweets, we are often our own worst critics aren't we?

I remember when you first started on this project. You really did a good job on it, and it looks very nice. (And I sincerely mean that!)

Since the window are kind of heavy, I was wondering how you hung it securely? I have an old window with the diagonal panes that I need to do. Haven't figured out where I will hang it yet. Need to do some scraping and then secure the glass better before I paint it too.


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Excellent job Leslie. I like how you took pics all the way thru the project. Smart to put it on mdf since you seem to like to change things around pretty often. Really great detail on everything. I like the mirror especially and it looks like you got the dimensions right on with everything. Your lettering is perfect. It's a great piece.
You always do a good job on everything I've seen. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, but I understand how nice it is to get feedback on something when you aren't sure. My family looks at mine and says mmhh, yeah, it's good. None of them paint so they don't notice the details and how difficult it may have been to get the shading just right or the lettering to come out like you want it. Other painters notice those kinds of things.
How did you end up hanging it? I've got a lot of big windows that I want to hang, but haven't found a safe way to do it yet. Did get some of those hurcules hooks, but haven't tried them yet. ~Anj

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