does anyone do holiday craft shows

flowerchild5December 4, 2007

Good morning all! Just curious if anyone has been doing the holiday craft shows? whats selling and whats not? i did a sale this weekend and only made $50. granted not many people came except the people that attended that church. and we were having a huge wind/rain storm this weekend. Basically, i ended up in the hole. I used to make a lot of money doing these things.

Now, at least i can relax and paint for fun and get started on one of those suitcases!!


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Hi Tanya, I think Annielu does craft shows, and Gail sells sometimes too. Maybe they will see this and jump in here to chat with you.

There are two or three people on the crafts forum who have been doing shows too.

Sorry your show did not do well, maybe if the weather had been better. I'm sure people appreciate your work, and hopefully you will have better luck next time.


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I just did a show this past weekend. I did okay, but not as good as last year. The weather was terrible for one thing, and there just wasn't the crowd this year.
But, I'm not giving up!!

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