chair rail, paint color, help!

joneyjmwOctober 31, 2012

Hello,were getting ready to move in to and remodel a small doublwide manufactured home. My son picked out a red bamboo for his flooring, and im having some trouble working with it. Its not wood stained red, its dyed red, RED. Its a small room, and I'm trying to make it appear larger. Right now I'm thinking about matching the red from the floor and take it part way up the wall and add a chair rail and then do cream or something light on the top. The room has a slanted celing if that makes a difference. Oppinions please, my husband is tired of me talking about it....

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Annie Deighnaugh

Can you post a picture? Also you might post this in home decor thread...lots of helpful people there.

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this is the room now, were just in the beginning stages. and i cant find a picture of what i want it to look like, google images is no help here.
I'll post this on the other forum, i;m new here, so I'm only about 25% sure of what i'm doing.

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joneyjmw, are you putting the same flooring throughout the house?

I know this isn't what you asked, but if your son really wants red in his room, I'd go with a rug, curtains, or bedspread - something that can be easily changed out when he or you get tired of the color.

To answer your question, I think if you put red floor and red halfway up the walls, it will look even smaller. To make it look larger, go with a lighter color on the walls.

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marti8a, no the red is not going through out, the rest of the house will be a darker wood. When we went with my dad (my contractor) they (my son,6, and his Grandpa) fell in love with the red wood and bought it on the spot, and I'm stuck with it... Hes instisting on either red or matalic gold on his walls, I think I'll be vetoing all his future design ideas ;)
and thanks, I'll go back to the drawing board on my plans.

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the red floor he picked out

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wow-that is (orange)red ! Is it darker in person ? Sometimes the flash changes colors on screen
I suggest bringing a sample to your local benjamin*moore shop and looking for a paint that will complement it. No way would I put that on the walls. As marti said it will really make the room look smaller. Also in a few years when you want to rip it out you'll have less to deal with :)
You could do a cool painting on it-like a stenciled rug. I'm going to look for ideas...

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no its not really darker in person... this is pretty accurate. Yay for grandpa! On the bright side, since they picked it out, he paid for it :)
and i get to figure out what to do with it... I know that I will not be allowed to paint a stencil on the floor, but that is a great idea. there was some talk about making some of the boards look like train tracks, but that was changed, and we also talked about a train mural on the wall. The jurys still out on that one...

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I think a "clifford the big red dog" needs to be somewhere in the room--maybe painted on the wall ! I like the train track idea. Have your Dad build a bed that looks like a train car...
When you are finished post it here first !

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