Front door & living room floor finally done! (pics)

mrsmarvOctober 13, 2006

After what seems like an endless upheaval, we finally are back to normal. We had our living room and guest bath wood floors sanded, stained, and polyurethaned with a satin finish. DH and I were unhappy with the way oil-based poly "ambered" our floors over time because we're not fans of golden tones in wood, so we decided to go with water-based poly. But...we didn't like that the water-based over red oak kept the floors in their natural lightened state. We decided to stain the wood and after looking at 5 different stains on naked/sanded patches of the floor, chose a chesnut stain. It's absolutely gorgeous! It has a slight hint of red in the ungrained areas mixed with a deep brown on the grained areas. We are so pleased with the way they came out (we had chosen this particular local company after seeing the floors they re-did in friends homes), and absolutely love the chesnut stain.

A few weeks before our floors were re-done I had painted our front door BM "Cottage Red". The picture was taken during the day (bright sun). The color is actually deeper than it looks in the pic.

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Mrsmarv, I love the floors & the door. It looks so beautiful decorated for Autumn!!
Marilyn in NM

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I love the door color with the siding color and it looks so perfect with the wreath. Mrsmarv, I have a brick house which will soon have white painted trim around windows and door and black shutters. What do you think of that color with brick? Right now my door is just wood that has lost it's finish over the years.

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Thank you Marilyn and cuddlepoo ;o) ~
cuddlepoo, I think the color would depend on the base color of your brick. If it's a true "red brick" color, it would work, but if it's got a "pinky" base to it, hmmm...probably not. I would pick up the color strip from a BM dealer, bring it home and see how it looks in different light.

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Your floors turned out beautifully, and your red door is lovely.


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Stunning!!! The floors really are gorgeous. And, of course, I LOVE the door. The wreath really completes the look. We did end up painting ours Cottage Red, too, and are so happy we did. Thank you so much for helping me out on that. I'll take a pic and post it for you.

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Your floors and door are just beautiful! They both look stunning!

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Thank you flowerlady, organic and teresa ~ It feels really good to finally have finished the interior of our house. The floors were the last major thing on our list. I look around and think "What's next on the list? Poo! There ain't a darn thing!". Seriously, we've been remodeling/renovating for the past 10 years and we're finally done. Maybe I'll actually be ahead of the game when the holiday season arrives LOL. But for now we're going to take it easy for the cold months and we plan on giving it he*l with the landscaping when the spring comes ;o)

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The floor is beautiful, as is the door. Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your posts b/c I love the way your home is decorated. You have great taste.

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Thanks, jyyanks! Aww, shucks ;o)

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Well shucks that is the perfect stain color and gosh do you paint your front door different colors for the seasons?? that couldn't be more perfect for fall just gorgeous.. I love your sidelight and miss mine lol.,

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What wonderful colors! So much work, so much warmth, I'm impressed. Congrats

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ranae ~ I had to laugh when I read your post. It almost feels like I paint the door for every season, but no, I think I'm going to keep it this way for a while LOL. It was previously red ( but not BM Cottage Red), before it was black, and now it's red again! And the stain color is just as beautiful in person. We are so happy with it.

willie ~ Thank you for your compliments. Your post says what I was trying to accomplish...I guess it worked!

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Hi, the floors look very nice. Did you refinish them yourself or contract it out? Doing wooden floors is the hardest home remodeling project for the D-I-Y'er. It's not something you can learn as you go.

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drafted ~ we contrcted them out with a small local company. DH and I have both refinished hardwood floors (in the past), but at this point in our lives it wasn't something we wanted to tackle.

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