What year is this mr. magic chef ?

EATREALFOODOctober 31, 2012

Hi Can you all identify the year of this stove ?(wow look at those pots !!! I need bartender's friend bad)

We are keeping mr. magic chef for now, just curious about the year. I bought him used for $160-delivery included! and have only replaced 1 ignition in 6 years. We cook all day and I also get power surges which doesn't help. I'm going to research surge protectors.

(I love this new feature on GW for downloading photos w/o having to go to flkr but how do you insert more than one photo ?-thanks)

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You might post over at the appliances forum -- I'll bet there are folks over there with encyclopedic knowledge of this kind of thing. My personal wild guess is mid-1980s.

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jaka-I was thinking mid 1980's too
Too bad it has chips and a scratched BS panel-otherwise it was built to last !

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ERF I think it is Barkeepers friend.

When I bought our Magic chief from Craigs list it did not have a manual with it. I looked around on it until I found a plate with the model numbers. Then googled that number and found out the year and also a manual online for it.. LOL I could not figure how to work it. Turning on the stove was a total mystery. There are no knobs for that. It has been so long now I do not even remember where the model plate was on it I am thinking the back.

I really like that your burners are the same size. I miss being able to span my griddle across two burners for cooking breakfasts of kings. :^))

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OH Good I just read your other post. This one must mean you are doing ok from the storm??

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Hi Shades !! you are so funny-is there ANY type of home(square footage) or type of appliance you haven't owned ? Yes, barkeeper's friend. We went out to a pub on Tuesday so had bartenders on my mind :)
The electricity stayed on(and that meant we had drinking water too) so all is well. You should have seen my counter--stock pots and every pitcher full of drinking water...bathtub full of water--just in case.
I like the burners for that same reason--I too use a cast-iron grill for "breakfasts of kings" LOL.

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LOL I guess at my age and as many houses as we have flipped or just lived in we have had so many different appliances. Once we had a house with four appliances in four different colors and I believe four different brands. Sadly all on one wall. LOL Only one house we bought all new until this house and right off I ditched the brand new stove. I HATED it. Wanted to have my glass top.

So glad you are ok and no damage from Sandy.

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