Is there such a thing as the Spring Doldrums?

silvamaeMarch 17, 2010

I haven't accomplished much over the last month. Trying to jog myself out of this SLUMP! Please check out my blog; I got some supplies today and hopefully I will get back in the Swing of Things!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's mosaic blog

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Definitely, SILVA - slumps can come at any time. I usually have them right after I finish a project, if I don't have another one in mind. I'm working outside now, pulling weeds, re-arranging flower beds, and getting ready to plant annuals, so I'm not mosaicing. I thought you'd be going great guns w/your kiln by now. All it takes is to make a teensy start, and the inspiration comes roaring in.

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Oh Silva... you got some nice things there... hoping the inspiration comes soon..maybe just start something and fun for you to get those presents...

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Thank you! Yes, I will pick it back up again; spring break is over and the grand ones go back to school on Monday. I dinked around with the kiln a couple of times and was disappointed with my results; what I know about fusing glass would fit in a teaspoon. But last night I thought about fusing glass all night long so I'm sure I will be trying again soon, probably Monday or Tuesday. I think what I will do is make a list of all the projects I want to do and then just close my eyes and circle my finger around and around and blindly point to the paper and JUST PICK ONE!

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