My ornament exchange

paintingfoolDecember 9, 2007

Went to our chapter party last night and had an wonderful time. It was held at a member's house just past the Mobile airport so it took 1.5 hours to get there. My ornaments were a hit and I was very proud of them. The ones I got are pictured below. Some of our members did not bring all painted ornaments because of their time schedule so I did not include the store bought ones. I just love the hand made/painted ornaments. My tree is full of them. I would love to see some of the ones I know yall have on your tree.

The snowmen are painted on wood shapes and the gingerbread is on a CD. Two have glitter on them and it was difficult to get a good shot without the glare. They are much cuter in person!

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They are just darling! So cute. What fun to get such a variety of them too. Bet that is a fun tree to decorate each year.

I have some that I made. Mine are mostly from my primitive phase so more "rustic". I'll have to try to get some pics to share. It is hard to get a good pic and not get the glare.

Glad you had a good time in spite of the drive!


p.s. Do you know what she used to cover the hole in the cd? Always have tons of those around here, should paint some of them sometime.

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Luvs, I have used a wood button before and painted it to look like a nose. In this case she used a wood filler, I think it is called Fast and Final. These CDs are an easy surface to paint on. I received about 250 from a friend who was recording on them and messed up the recording so he gave them to me. I am still painting Snowmen on them!! I have seen snow villages, roses, etc. painted on them - I imagine you can paint just about anything on them once they have been primed or basecoated. At first I thought they were going to be too big for the tree but some of my snowflakes are as big if not bigger.

I do like getting a variety - some of the ornaments are painted very well and some are rustic or primitive but I like them all and of course, you have to appreciate the work no matter how talented the person is.

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Ahh! Bebe that is what I appreciate about you--you admire the person's effort in making the project regardless of the talent. ;o)

I think I saw some cd's on GW somewhere that had been covered with canvas or cardstock and painted. Just something to keep in mind to try if I ever get around to it.


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So cute! looks like you have some painters in your swap! luck you to receive such cute ornaments! I like the frist one the best, but gosh they are all cute!

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It's hard to decide which one I like the best.
I am partial to gingers though.

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How nice to get such cute ornies to add to your collection Bebe. If we are picking favorites I'm torn between the first snowman and the snowflake. ha They are all so cute. Thanks for sharing them with us. ~Anj

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sooo very cute, I, too,have a hard time deciding which is the cutest, but I'd have to go with the g.b. boy since I'm a collector of those!

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I loved getting ornaments every year, I have so many there are very few empty branches left on the tree.

Where's Luvs? Haven't heard much from her lately.

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Luvs is probably hanging out over at Holidays at this time of the year. :) ~Anj

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