I love Magnolia angels

paintingfoolDecember 23, 2009

Being from the south we have an abundance of magnolia trees. And being a die hard painter and crafter, we can make something beautiful from just about anything. This is my Magnolia Angel more than 10 years ago - but I still love her. She is made from the center pod of the magnolia flower. After blooming they fall to the ground and the squirrels will eat the red seeds inside. All you have to do is gather them up, dry them for a while and then dip them in white paint. Some people prefer to just leave them natuarl but I like the clean white look.

The next ornament is one of the large jingle bell ornaments from the dollar store. They came in different colors. This one was the woodsy look, others were red, gold, green, silver, and blue. I bought them after Christmas last year - fifty cents. Anyway, I just put a really quick snowman on them.

I also painted snowmen on silver spoons this year but I am not sure I have a pic of them - and I probably did not keep one for myself. But I am off to look and will get back with yall later.


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Bebe.....these are adorable and having never seen or heard of a magnolia pod before, this is very special.

Both of the faces are so precious and I love the snowman peeking over the edge.

Thank You for sharing, but more important, is it nice to hear from you again! How is your GS? I think about you and yours so very often. Please keep us updated.

Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!


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Cute angel, Bebe, and I'm glad to see someone came up with an idea for those pods! I have a big magnolia tree in front of my house and so does my neighbor. I love the pretty leaves and big white blooms, but not the constant mess of the leaves and pods dropping on my lawn! And those pods have sharp points on them! Little GD likes to collect them and pull out the little red berries to add to her "sand soup". LOL I've thought about painting on the nice big leaves, but was afraid they would easily crush when all dried out.

The bell is neat, you sure got a good by on them. I bought the packages of eight smaller ones and filled a bowl with them and tucked in a little sprig of greenery. Looks like you've been keeping busy and having some fun too.

Enjoy the holidays.


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Your little angel and snowy are so SWEEET. What a great way to use some of your pods. TFS and hope you can find time to share more.

Come over to conversations and let us know how life is going when you have time. Miss not hearing from you and others when to busy.

Luvs and Bebe, would the pods be pretty if spray painted and mixed with balls, etc. in a bowl or something for the Holidays? Maybe add some dust or glitter to them. Just a thought.


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I love the magnolia pods, too. I have to be honest and say they weren't my original idea. I don't remember where I saw it but I will say it isn't exactly the same as the original. I always put my on touch on most everything I do. There is a little poem that goes with them, not sure if it is like the original either,

I am a Magnolia Angel,
As Southern as can be.
I represent truth,
Faith, beauty and dignity.
A wish for the holidays
For one and for all,
Have a very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year, Y'all!!

Those bells were at the Dollar Store and are about 4" in diameter so they have some size on them. The only problem I encountered was with the colored ones. The color would bleed through the white paint, especially after I varnished them. I think I will use white Kilz next time.

Thanks for being so patient with me, yall, I haven't been in the mood to talk much but I did come by to visit.

Belle, thanks for asking about my grandson. He is doing so much better. The doctors think it might be P.A.N.D.A.S.
which is caused by strep. He has been on an intensive regimen of antibiotics and will go for more blood work in about a week. He is back in school and only has a few mild tics - just the jerking of the head on occasion, no outbursts, thank God.

Luvs, I too hate to clean up after the trees start dropping leaves. I have painted on the leaves before (don't you love the rust color on the backside?) but find they are fragile. I love using them in the house for decoration - especially after spray painting them. I like the idea of putting the jingle bells in bowls for decorations although I didn't do anything like that this year.

Punk, I think the pods would be adorable in a bowl, especially when painted. I have tried spraying them but they seemed to absorb the paint so much that I decided to dip them in regular paint instead. I think they would be really pretty to sprinkle the glitter on them while still wet. If I have anymore in my yard I will try it and let you know how it turns out.

Good to talk to yall again. Will be back on later this week.

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B, thanks for sharing the poem. What a perfect finishing touch for the darling little angel. I bet they would be a good seller at the craft shows.

Keep us updated on your little GS and we'll keep praying for all of you.


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