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chinatreasuresMarch 15, 2012

Hi everyone! I've been away a while, but have spent some time catching up on current projects. I'm always amazed at the talent here!!

I know the glue questions have been discussed in length several times here, but I was wondering if there have been any new products in the past year.

I'm about to start a GOG and am still confused about glue. I know the most popular are Mac, GEII and Weldbond and I can't decide which to use. I guess I just want someone to say - hey, just use ___!

Please help!!!!

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By the way - here's a pic of my cast of characters:

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Everyone has their own preference for sure. You didnt mention Lexel above-it is an ultraclear silicone type adhesive, but it can be sticky and messy. depends on how neat you are I guess! Regular silicone cures to a certain cloudiness that bothers some people. It doesnt phase me.
There is also DAP. If you buy DAP clear, it goes on white and cures to a silicone cloudiness. The advantage of this with GOG is you can see any gaps or bubbles and prevent grout bleed.
I personally very much dislike weldbond-the slow curing, the milkiness, the thinness of the adhesive and I work very well with silicone. It depends on if you are messy with it and what you like to work with. If you currently work with a thin adhesive like weldbond, you may find silicones messy, but the risk of grout bleed is greater, IMO.

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Okay, I will do it. "Hey! Just use MAC glue!" If you click on the link below, and then scroll down, it should take you to a picture of some candles that are GOG and where I used MAC glue. I like it, it's strong and dries quickly and clear.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog (candles)

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I just finished (except for grout) a GOG project using Weldbond. I feel like I am going to spend my life waiting for the damn stuff to dry! I used a lot to make sure I have no grout bleed and am finding I have to have the patience of a saint. Next time I'm trying the Silicone or DAP. How cloudy is the DAP?

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Thank you Silvamae for making the decision for me! Besides, I discovered I already have some Mac glue I ordered last year that I forgot about.

Do you just squeeze it onto the glass pieces from the bottle or brush it on?

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I just squeeze it from the bottle directly onto the back of the glass pieces.

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Becky it cures just like regular silicone-no cloudier than that.

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Is that Starry Starry Night that you are going to do? Can't wait to see how you do it. I was thinking about doing will be paying close attention.
Good luck!

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Yes it's Starry Starry Night. I'll post my progress in a new thread.

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Ohhh nice window...nice glass!!! Thanks for the Eye Candy!!!heh heh! I have been using GE Marine silicone adhesive, super awesome as it dries fast and clear...but is exspensive and the price is now $5/2.8oz! so am gonna try some new stuff that the guys installing our new house windows, used. It's called Big Stretch, by Sashco. It is a 10.5oz tube, so will need to use a caulking gun, it's about the same price so I hope it will be worth the hassle. i will post some WIP with it.

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