One Stroke Painting...tutting my horn LOL

gina_from_inDecember 11, 2001

Hi all, I started approx. 1 year ago with the one stroke painting. A friend suggested that I try it, I wanted to learn how to paint, nobody around here teaches painting of she sent me a video and told me where to get supplies. Wal-Mart has some of the one stroke stuff..Anyway to make a long story short, I can paint and am making money at it!!! YIPPY!!! Going to a certification class in October of 2002...YIPPY!!

I love yard sales...get all my stuff to paint on from them, then have my own Craft/Yard sale and sell all the stuff I painted...

No more getting depressed in the winter months here, I can paint..when I run out of stuff to paint...well there is always the kitchen walls!!!LOL LOL LOL

For those of you who haven't tried it you should..

Gina from Indiana!!

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Good for you, Gina!! Just "toot" all you want!!! Isn't it great when people start buying your treasures?? :-)

I have a ton of winter projects waiting on me too. Fantastic collection from yard sales, flea markets, and "curbside shopping" on trash day!! DH finally realized he isn't going to stop me, so he made me a long stick with a hook on the end so I can retrieve all those goodies from dumpsters. I believe he thought it would be much less embarrassing to have me poking around in those dumpsters with a stick than have to call 911 to get ME out!!! :-)

Have fun with your kitchen walls and HAPPY PAINTING!!!


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Hey Lyn!!!! LOL "Dumpster Diver"!!!! That's me too!!! Ever tried construction sites...oh, they are happy to give the lumber away!!! I find lots of stuff to paint on also, at thrift stores,goodwills,consignment shops...Happy Day there is someone out there that is a "Dumpster Diver" too!!!
Hubby didn't think too much of it until he saw what I could do with the "trash"..Now have him looking for stuff!!!

Happy Painting!!! Gina from Indiana

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Gina....I started painting in'89 without any help other than books and also a One-stroke "junkie". Hope to someday sell my painted items but right now am being "framed" when I send my cards to chatbuds nationally. One friend has framed all 10 cards I've given her over the years....calls it the "Sam-wall" in her kitchen. Enjoy it. Go for certification & enthuse others with your job. I try.


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