My First Donna Dewberry Kit!

HeatherDNovember 13, 2001

Hi everyone.

Just got my kit from ths this weekend for Donna's revised favorites, also ordered her palette and brush holder as well as some decals.

My question to all you Donna fans what else do I need? Is there one book or video you all just can't live without. What has helped you out the most. Any Donna painters in the Yukon?


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Hey Heather, sounds like your ready to get started! The only thing you need now is the time to practice!

I'm more of a book person than a video person. So even though I have many of the videos that come with her kits I tend to refer to the books more.

The one 'series' of Donna's that I really like is her 12 month binder series of laminated practice sheets (you can read more about it on her site). You get 8 sheets every 2 months on automatic shipment - 2 floral, 2 animal, 2 landscape, and 2 holiday - for a total of 48 practice sheets. I personally think it's one of her best collections. The landscapes in that series were my basis for ordering it and it finally gave me the courage to do one. I've always done flowers and animals and such but landscapes always intimidated me - not anymore! She makes it very simple. The binder is a great reference book.

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Hi Heather,
If you need any help just let me know! I think all her videos are great!


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