Painting Candles

salty322November 15, 2008

Can you use regular paint to paint the Candles?

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Yes, but you should use a candle and soap painting medium on the candle first if you want the paint to stay on well.

I have also just painted my candle and then sealed it with a brush on sealer, that worked fine too.

Hope you'll come share pics of your project when you finish it, we'd love to have you join us on here.


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Welcome Salty....I know you can paint them with acrylics, but I don't think you are supposed to actually burn them. Maybe someone else knows that for sure. I usually cut out a little hole in the top of my bigger candles and place a tealight in the hole. That way I can have it lit, but it doesn't mess up my candle and I can change out the tealights.

Luvs~ do you remember what the name of that medium was that we used last year for painting the soaps?? I was looking for my bottle, but don't know where I stashed it. I remember I got mine at Michaels. I want to do some more soaps....that was fun.

Salty....hope you'll share your projects here with us when you get them done!! ~Anj

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Anj, do you mean the brush on sealer we used on top of the design? Mine is JW's Right Step brush on clear acrylic varnish. If you mean what can be used underneath before you paint, I used Folkart Candle and Soap medium. My jar of it is the same size as a regular bottle of paint, so your's might be mixed in with your paints. ;o)

Oh, I doubt that any of the paints or varnish would hurt if they did burn since they are all waterbase--but your idea for making them last a long time is a good one.


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Luvs....I found it in with my paints. Good call. ha For some reason I was thinking it was in a different jar.
Ok, that makes sense on burning the paint. Thanks. ~Anj

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I have never used a candle medium. If the candle is not going to be handled regularly I don't find it necessary and I have never had any paint come off. I just wipe the candle clean with alcohol first then paint. A good thick acrylic paint like FolkArt will go on beautifully. If the paint is thin bodied (less pigment), then you may have to use the medium because the water content of the paint will make it bead up.
Most water-based paints and finishes are not flammable but they will melt and smoke. You do not need to seal the acrylic paint but if you do, be sure to use a non-flammable finish. Decoupage finishes are a good choice because they are water-based and non-flammable. The only time I use a sealer on candles is when I'm making them for the holidays. Then I use Mod Podge Sparkle Podge. It gives your candle an all-over irridescent sparkle finish which is perfect for the holidays.

I have always burned my painted candles but then I always paint candles that are big enough so that when burned properly they burn down the middle leaving a crater and illuminating the outside.
I have even used Gallery Glass to make candle sleeves and burned those. Gallery Glass is not flammable. The Gallery Glass sleeves are very nice because while the candle burns it illuminates the stained glass design from behind. And the beauty of the candle sleeve is that when that candle is done you can just remove the sleeve and apply it to another candle.

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I have painted several candles & I always rub them with flour to get rid of the oily feel, then wipe off the flour & use acrlyic paints, I burn my also with no problem, it is really pretty to paint a winter picture with the light of the candle burning behind it.
jan ")

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Thanks for all the information.
I've been wanting to paint some candles

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kraftymom How do you make a Gallery Glass candle sleeve? I have made clings with gallery glass and used them on lighted bottles but never saw a candle sleeve. Could you share your idea? I would love to know how to do that.

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A Gallery Glass candle sleeve is done the same way as a window cling.

You measure around the candle so you know how long the sleeve has to be if you want it to meet at both ends making it look like one continuous piece. Then you create your design working at a table just like you do a window cling using the liquid lead and paint colors. When dry, just peel it off and stick it to your candle!

I clean the candle with alcohol first before applying the sleeve so it adheres better. They will cling beautifully to your candle until you remove it.

You don't necessarily have to make an all-around sleeve. You could apply a nice holiday design, floral, anything you want in the form of a cling, or several clings. But whatever design you decide on it will glow very nicely with the candle light behind it.

*I actually got this idea from a Gallery Glass book years ago.

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kraftymom, Thank you so much for the detailed info. I would never have thought of doing that with the candles. I just now put my paints away till the New Year but I'm so excited about trying the sleeves I may have to get them back out tonight!


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Thank You All for the great info...while getting out my Christmas things I went to my candle tote and found that my candles were not wrapped but just put into the tote, and the red and white ones were together. Needless to say my white candles have red areas. I hated to just toss them but didn't know what to do with I do! May not happen until after Christmas, but then I will have them for next year.

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Pezabelle, the sleeves would be beautiful for your candles, but I also wanted to remind you that you can always paint the candles to save them. I had a white one that got some red on it like your's, and I just sponged on some metalic gold and it turned out great. Luvs

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I would love to see your painted candles. I have never painted on a candle but think that would be fun. Please inspire me and set me in another direction. lol

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