mosaic instalation, keeping the floor tile pattern

jimenitayoMarch 23, 2010

Hi all

my first post here on the forum. I've caught the mosaic bug! I made my first mosaic 2 years ago, it was huge (about 25' by 4'), and now I'm getting excited to start some other ones.

at entryway of my house, I'd like to install a cherry blossom branch mosaic. I'll be making my own tiles out of clay for the branch and flowers. the entryway floor is commercial ceramic tile that was laid about 20 years ago.

I had thought of breaking out about 4 tiles, and creating a mosaic in the empty square. then I started toying with the idea of carefully breaking the tiles ONLY where the branch would end up. trying to score and carefully break the tile in a way that matched the branch shape.

so, there's two elements I've never tried before: removing existing tile, and removing it in a precise and complicated way...

if it fails, and i end up having to remove the entire tiles, then I'm back to where I started, no biggie. but I'd like some opinions from folks with more experience... have you ever done something like this? any great lessons learned?

thanks for the help


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Never attempted to take out tile in this manner, but if I were going to try such a precise project, I'd buy a reciprocal saw and a diamond blade to cut the exact shape. If I were you, I'd also consult w/the local flooring people, specializing in tiles b/f starting the project.

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Slow is right, you want to cut out the tile for your shape otherwise the tiles will crack where you don't want cracks..a rotozip also works for something like this.

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What's the matter w/my brain? That's what I meant, EMT - Rotozip w/a diamond blade. Wish I had one. LOVE tools and more tools.

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