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paintingfoolNovember 24, 2008

Finally, I have painted a Lightbulb Santa for myself. I am not going to let this one get away! I purchased a soldering iron in the craft section at Joann's fabric and it is great. I used it to attach the O ring at the top of the bulb. I have posted one before by scanning, this is a photo and it shows up much better. I am also attaching a photo of the longerberger basket I painted. The lady wanted a camping scene, she plans to load the basket with ornaments for her grown children. Very sweet.

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Love the Santa & the ring is nice for adding a wide ribbon if you want,love the basket, wish I could paint so well!! It really is a wonderful gift, hope her kids love it.! Jan

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santa picture is a little blur but it's can still see that it's really nice. soldering iron is a nice touch :)

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So happy you took time to post your santa and basket. The santa is so cute and so nicely detailed so it may help me if I try one. The rose is something I will keep practicing till I get it. HA HA The basket is beautiful. I love camping, so it fits right in to my life style.

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Beautiful! You make his hair look so realistic. You are such a good painter. Of course you know I love that you added a rose! ;o) That scene on the basket is perfect for it. Love the way you just let the edges of the scene blend softly at the sides. I would so love to watch you paint sometime, please let your granddaughter video you sometime--I'm putting my order in now, just let me know where to send the check! Did you have a picture or pattern for this one, or did you create it yourself? Your painting skill just amazes me. How did the show/sale go? Did you have good attendance and lots of sales? Got any pictures of the items everyone made to share with us? Sure hope so. Luvs

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Thanks again, yall.

Luvs, I didn't have a pattern for this one but I remember seeing the children in an old book so I used soapstone(makes a very thin drawing that can be wiped off, just like chalk but a thinner line). I drew in where I wanted the water, the horizon line and after I completed painting everything, I drew the children. I really struggled with it because I hate to do special orders, always feel like it won't be what they wanted. I would much rather paint what I like and then hope someone comes along that likes it too.

The craft show went really well. We had a booth full of things but the ornaments sold the most - and I made the most in sales. We were a little short of making $1100. The attendance was down from what I remember several years ago but we also do not have the shows we use to have either. I hate that because I love finding things that someone has made or painted for my tree (which as you know is a real hodge podge of everything. One of the things that sold really well (the price was way too cheap - $2.50) was the cinnamon stick snowmen. She painted it very quickly, added a clay nose and the hats were the cutest, some were tiny little baskets turned upside down and the others were the fingers cut from mittens. One lady came in and purchased over $300 in just ornaments, she was so excited she just flitted from one thing to the other!! The second photo shows the craft sticks I purchased at Dollar Tree, just painted real quick Santas and Snowmen, sold 24 out of 30. I also painted Mrs. Claus' dress on an ornament, hope it shows up. The ornament in the little plastic bag is of a white seal on the ice - just darling.

This little snowman reminded me of you, Luvs. I attached the pictures of the boxes I picked up at Dollar Tree to show you how you can use that 18K gold pen to edge the box also. I used it on just about everything. Hope you like it. B
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OMG! I feel almost like I just got to go to a craft show myself! Thanks for sharing the pics. I can't believe you painted those Santa faces on craft sticks! It would take me forever to just paint one, and here you did multiples! The little snowmen on the craft sticks are so cute with their cute expressions. The little cinnamon stick snowmen are so cute too. Great idea gluing the noses on. Wow! Mrs. Claus has lost a few pounds--gorgeous sexy dress! I wish I had one like that for my DIL who lost lots of weight--she would love it! And that little snowman with the rose looks just like me! LOL The little boxes turned out cute, I like that you even painted a design on the inside. You are very creative and such a good painter. I'm so glad to hear the show went well for your group. ;o)
Thanks for sharing the pics, they sure put a smile on my face this morning. Going to do Thanksgiving here tomorrow, then I'll put all the Fall decorations away and pull out the Christmas things. I love decorating for the seasons, just makes me happy to get to change things out a bit to keep things interesting around here. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Luvs

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Luvs, the Mrs. Claus dress ornament is deminsional - the "boobs" are small round disc glued on and then painted over. I sold a lot of these but being that they were on glass, time consuming to paint. I didn't use a pattern but if you want to paint one for your DIL, I will tell you what to do.

I am decorating for Christmas already, have to because I have our annual Christmas party next Saturday. I have to come up with something to give away as a favor so once the house is done I can start on that. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and the same to all of you wonderful painters.

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Gosh! Thanks for all the great pictures. It did feel like we were at the craft show. Reminded me that I bought a bunch of cinnamon sticks last year to make those Santas...saw them somewhere....and then forgot all about them! Makes me wonder what other projects I've forgotten along the way. =(
Love your santa and snowman sticks. Love Love Love your Santa lightbulb! Very great idea to add the O ring at the top! I'm gonna have to try that. The basket is beautiful and what a treasured keepsake for the customers family.
Great work B!!


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Your painted crafts are just fantastic. I love to paint but don't do as nice a job as you do. How do you paint the beard and mustach on santa. I always have such a problem doing that.....donna

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OMG! paintingfool i wish i was at that craft show! i would love to buy some of those stuff you painted! i love love love the cute little seal... my fav animal :) and i am ... ahem... really liking the santarina dress and the boobs! my goodness what a brilliant idea :) simply brilliant! i'm sure a lot of my male friends would LOVE the santarina globe on their christmas tree :) lots of them !!! LOL! i really enjoyed all the pictures... the flowers are really lovely too :) thanks for posting these little treasures :))))

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Where does one start with all of the fantastic things you have shown us. The light bulb is awesome and Santas and Snowmen and the "dress" and the boxes......WOW! When do you have time to sleep?
I haven't been able to find the gold pen but will continue to look for itm it makes such a finishing statement.

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