Has anyone mosaiced garden edging or retaining walls?

girlgroupgirlMarch 23, 2008

I know it will take forever and also massive amounts of materials but has anyone ever attempted this?


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Hi girlgroupgirl! Welcome! Not too many people around today. I haven't done any outdoor projects but many on here have. I know cacbeary has done edgers. I'm sure she'll jump in soon. You can take a look at the link below as a start.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a link you can start with.

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This made me think of the amazing mosaic edgings at the Dickeyville Grotto in Wisconsin. If you click on the link below, the amazing edging is the sixth photo from the top. It is a much better photo than just the thumbnail. I don't know anything else about this website, I just started googling the grotto.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dickeyville Grotto

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I made edgers for my garden. I did this with ceramic tile - big mistake. With the freeze thaw cycles water gets underneath the ceramic & will pop off the tile. Mine aren't too bad but I take them up for winter so they are not exposed & they do fine. But other tessarae would work great even with the freeze thaw. I have stepping stones with plates, stained glass & they held up just fine over the winter.

I did not use grout. I used cement. My first project or one of my firsts. I love mine. Bright & cheery. I was limited in cutting the tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Edger pics

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I saw a picture in a magazine a while back of a yard with mosaics all along a retaining wall, on a tree stump and I think on a bench. It was very tastefully done and it got me started in wanting to make mosaics.
I may still have the magazine. Her wall had little sayings written in the tiles. It was just precious.

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Oh, YES, CAC: It was your edgers that I thought of when I read this thread, but I didn't remember whose they were. Every time I look at yours, I wish I had more time to do those. I have them all over my front garden to outline flowerbeds, but can't even fathom mosaicing them. Very interesting site, BETTYC.

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Thank You Betty!!! Love that article, just spend a while looking at it, Very Inspiring!!!
FlagTruck has GOTTA show hers...

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I looked at Carol's pictures and totally missed the photo of the edging. Sorry....blonde/senile moment. LOL

That's very pretty.

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Common FlagTruck, I wanna see yours!
I like the edging but I will have to have much deeper retaining walls.
I also really liked the inspiration of the mosaic blocks. I was wondering about that too because I need to do something with the risers on our rain barrels and above ground cistern units.
Slow, I can't believe that you have found something you can't fathom in mosaic! I did not think that was possible, lol.

Thanks all. Please keep photos coming. it's photos like at the grotto that are my inspiration. I've seen some mosaic retaining walls on some websites in the past. I'm just formulating some ideas to show a landscape architect when I find one I can work with.

Most of my property was blown out by the Atlanta tornado a week and a half ago. All my century trees were downed in my yard as were 3 of my neighbors. Then the big machines came in to clear it out and just mangled the entire property. After two rains we realized we're in big trouble and need a lot of work done as soon as we can afford it (well, sooner but you gotta start somewhere!). To save money I was thinking of just doing block walls and eventually mosaicing them. That is a lot of dishes and glass 1/2 rounds!!I'd love a to cut the bottom off of bottles to use them too as I like the circles. I'd like to do it ALL in circles.

So I have almost an acre of land to retain. All around 3 long sides, then probably some terraces in several places. Some will have to be in stone/rip rap (to save mosaic sanity, plus I'm already about half way thru my life and I feel at some point there will be a time crunch!!).

Thanks all,


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Sorry to hear about that. Must have been terrible... though sounds as if you're still going through a difficult time.

I went to a mosaic garden in Melbourne a couple of years ago. There were a lot of mosaiced walls - and everything else, too. She slapped the pieces straight into the mortar.

Hope this gives you some inspiration. I'll be making a mosaiced bench - had to after seeing hers. ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic garden

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Okay here is a link to my Flickr site. Too many photos there to mention. I used old crockery, and misc. leftovers to do mine and am grouting with black grout to match an urn I am working on. It is a lot of work, but fun, I only have about 40-50 more to go. I got mine at an estate sale very cheap and then priced them at WalMart and they are $1.24 a foot! Glad I didn't have to pay that for mine. Before I buy any I will go on Ebay and purchase a couple molds and make my own.
I also have some photos of a crazy path I am working on where I have done stepping stones and bricks and anything else that holds still. lol Good luck, Carol

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr album

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Cait, waz wondering about where ya been! I'm still stuck on all your yard projects with brick to be able to think of anything else at the moment!!!
Flag! Not Only, is your edgers great, but I noticed that everything looksso nice and tidy!!! When I mosaic, there's shard and bits as far as the eye can see, that's the only thing DH doesn't like about me!ha! Just Clean up as you go he says!!ha!But now I want to do the brick tower you've inspired in me!
And of course I've been thinking pavers eversince Cacbeary's, I also HAD to copy her gorgeous mirror!!!

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Thank you for the gorgeous pictures! Cait, those retaining walls were exactly what I had in mind, - and I like things like Flagtrucks abstract box pattern. These will be great to show the landscape architect what I want to do, at least in sections. I think the way to go may be to stucco parts of the retaining walls and mosaic other parts. I can't imagine having enough time to mosaic all of it. I love that crazy path too!! I know Slow has a few of those that join path to path. Beautiful garden flagtruck!

Thanks bunches!


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