Mosaic Foyer Q

laura21230March 15, 2009

Hi all,

My first time posting here! I have done some smaller projects, and am about to start my first floor project, so I want to make sure I have a good plan. Can someone who has done a floor before let me know if this is going to go horribly wrong? :)

This is for a small foyer, just inside the front door, it's about 40" x 44".

I'm going to use ceramic tiles on cementboard, which is already installed. I was thinking I'd glue the tiles to mesh using Weldbond, then use thinset to attach the mesh-backed tiles to the cement? Does this sound right?

Thanks, everyone! You all have some great pictures on these forums, it is inspiring!!


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Laura- I would use the thinset to set the tiles on the mesh and also to adhere to the cement board. I am sure that this would give you a better bond than Weldbond. Also see if you cannot cut your mesh in some joint lines prior to installation so that you are handling smaller pieces as 49 x 44 will be very heavy with all the tiles on it and may stretch during the moving to the board. If you make smaller segments you can set them easier. Good luck and post pics. Carol

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Thanks for the tips Carol, I didn't know I could set the tiles on the mesh with thinset - I will try that! I will post pics later; I need to get supplies first :)

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Oh, this one w/be fun to watch. You got good advice from a pro, LAURA. FLAG knows her stuff.

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Oh boy and new project!

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I find this interesting, as with using thinset to adhere the tile to the mesh, you lose the flexibility of the mesh. I personally use Weldbond to adhere the tile, dishes or glass to the mesh, then you can use thinset to attach your cut pieces of mesh in smaller segments and nothing will come-up.
I've done floors, outside steps, walls...the beauty of using mesh is that it keeps the pieces light-weight & flexible.

Here is a link that might be useful: Webshots

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Carol-Thank you for the suggestion of adhering the tiles to the mesh with thinset. I will try this the next large project that I do. I tried teh wellbond on my floor the last time and had a problem with the glass coming loose and having to put a lot of pieces in indvidually...WHAT A PAIN!

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